Frank H. Cicerale
September 1, 2008
Photos By: Peter S. Linney
Whether It's on the street with Dave, his wife, and son in tow, or at the track ripping off 11.20-second elapsed times with speeds approaching 124 mph, this Pony is one stout piece of machinery.

"Once the motor was built and I ripped off a couple of 11-second laps at the local dragstrip, we decided it was time to fix up the body," Dave says. A '93 Cobra body kit made its way onto the Stang's front and rear bumpers, rear wing, and side skirts. Next, a 4-inch cowl hood replaced the factory lid, and smoked headlights (with HID bulbs) and taillights were installed. Since his son loves blue, it was only natural that Dave shot the sheetmetal of the car in the appropriate DuPont shade. The Subaru STi blue looks awesome when combined with the stance and attitude of this muscle Mustang.

Dave made his way to the car's interior next. He began by replacing the factory chairs with a pair of charcoal-colored leather buckets from an '01 Mustang GT. Auto Meter gauges fill the A-pillar pod that was installed, and adding some tone to the drone from the tailpipes is a full-on audio system that consists of an Eclipse in-dash TV head unit, Infinity components, and three 8-inch Rockford Fosgate subwoofers. An Auto Meter tach and shift light signal to Dave the right time to yank each of the gears.

Save For the '01 Mustang GT bucket seats, killer sound system, and requisite Auto Meter gauges, Dave left the interior pretty much alone.

With the car finally complete, Dave loaded up his wife and son, made his way to the track, and ripped off a stout 11.20 at a thundering 124 mph. He then loaded the family back up and went to a local cruise night.

"The color of the car is by far my favorite part," Dave says. "It's such a bright color that everywhere I go, people give me the thumbs-up. I have a '97 Cobra, but this car is my favorite. I bought it first, and since I like speed, this car went in the direction I wanted it to go."

For Dave, there's just no comparison between his '89 Mustang and any other car on the road-even his own.

Model: Destiny Monique