Frank H. Cicerale
July 1, 2008
Photos By: Dale Amy

Once the new body components were secured, the car was split into upper and lower halves, with the topside sprayed in Windveil Blue Metallic and the bottom lathered in PPG Satin Silver Pearlcoat. Separating the two contrasting colors is some stunning artwork done by Extreme Customs (Burlington, Ontario, Canada). A barbed-flame strip runs from the tip of the front fender to the final point of reference on the rear quarter-panel. Around the rear spoiler is an airbrushed set of skulls that undoubtedly amount to the number of victims this Mustang has eaten up. Once the airbrushing was completed, Fang Performance emblems were installed on the engine cover, fenders, and decklid, and the appropriate amount of clear was shot on the flanks of the Mustang, making the car quickly become a two-tone tundra of speed.

Inside the cabin, much remained as the Ford engineers intended, minus the addition of a set of matching blue seat inserts and the stitching of the Fang Performance logo on the head rests. Throw in front floor mats sporting the same logo and some subtle carbon-fiber dash bezels, and the interior screams form and function.

In the end, MBRP showcased a two-tone terror of a car that's also a daily driver with good looks, gobs of horsepower, and awesome functionality. While we guess you can have your cake and eat it, too, we suggest bringing a bigger fork. Once this car gets done with things, there won't be much left.