Frank H. Cicerale
June 1, 2008

With all that power on tap, a revised suspension was next. A pair of UPR 125-pound springs and tubular upper control arms conspire with a set of Lakewood 90/10 shocks, a Wolfe sway bar, and UPR caster/camber plates to throw the weight on the front end rearward when Marc plants the loud pedal on the starting line. Absorbing the shock of the subsequent launch while allowing the car to sit hard on the rear tires, is a host of suspension parts engineered to work in conjunction with each other. Lakewood 50/50 shocks team up with stock springs, Baseline Suspension upper control arms, TRZ Motorsports lower control arms, and a Wolfe sway bar. Keeping the middle of the car from tweaking out of proportion is a pair of BBK subframe connectors. Speaking of the rear meats, a glance toward the rear-wheel openings yields a pair of Bogart 15x8.5 inch Drag On rims wrapped in a pair of gummy 28x11.5-15 Hoosier QuickTime Pros. A pair of similar Bogart 15x3.5s surrounded in 165/15 rubbers are swallowed up by the front fenderwells. Hiding behind the wheels on all four corners is the stock braking system.

Marc marches down track to the tune of 9.60-second elapsed times with a top speed upwards of 143 mph. By the way, he runs the car regularly in True Street.

Knowing that his lightweight notchback would probably rip off elapsed times quick enough to get him in trouble with the local track's tech staff, Marc upgraded the interior of the car to make it NHRA legal. A 10-point rollcage made its way into the gray and black interior, while a set of Auto Meter gauges clue him in to what the poked, stroked, and blown engine is doing. A window net went in next, followed by a pair of five-point harnesses and an accompanying deuce set of Kirkey seats.

Marc didn't want to see one boring color on his Mustang. Seeing as how he has to deal with that UPS brown all day long, we can't help but agree. To that end, a two-tone paint scheme was applied. With the addition of a Cobra R hood and a simple orange stripe breaking up the two contrasting colors, the car makes a statement-not to mention its 9.60-second-zone e.t.'s and trap speeds in the 143-mph range.

"What I love most about the car is that when I light the wick, I forget about everything in life except going down track," Marc says. So what's in store for this cool coupe? "I always liked the Fox-bodies and have owned four different ones," he says, "but this one will likely be my last. My wife says she's going to bury me in this car, but it will be something my newborn son will have someday."