Frank H. Cicerale
April 1, 2008

It's a simple recipe: Take 2 ounces of tequila, add 4 ounces of orange juice, 1 ounce of grenadine, some ice, and throw it all into a blender. Pour it into a highball glass, garnish with a lime wedge, and enjoy.

Drink enough of these tequila sunrises and you'll see the sun rise-as you fall into bed in a drunken stupor, that is. But along with the intoxicating effects of the tequila come something else: a feeling of invinci-bility and the desire to do something absolutely crazy.

We can't say whether or not Full Throttle Kustomz's Ray McClelland has ever had one too many tequila sunrises. What we do know is that that after taking a romp around the streets of Bedford, Ohio, in the shop's twin-turbo '07 Mustang GT, you'll need a tequila sunrise or two to settle your nerves.

Nothing says excess like a stroked-out Three-Valve sporting a set of twins. The twin-turbo monster utilizes a D.S.S. engine to crank out 1,243 rwhp. The stars of the show are a pair of 67mm turbos courtesy of Turbo Horsepower. The hairdryers conspire to stuff 25 pounds of boost into the stroked 302 mod mill. As if that wasn't enough, this monster takes a few hits of the jug as well.

"Around town, the car drives similar to how it did when it came from the factory," Ray says. "That is, until the throttle is put to the floor. Then it becomes what most passengers describe as better than any roller-coaster ride they've ever been on."

Just as bars and clubs in Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, and other major cities in the United States all try to outdo their competition and go further over the top, Ray and the crew from FTK strived to do the same. To say they delivered would be an understatement.

This insane project started with the car-a brand-new, triple-black Mustang GT convert-ible. The triple black comes from the color options: black paint, black leather interior, and the black convertible top. But the Mustang stayed neither triple black nor bone-stock for long. Ray plunked down the green for the S197, stabbed the key in the ignition, slid the shifter into First, and drove straight from the dealer into FTK's shop, where the transformation began.

The first thing to go was the stock, 300hp Three-Valve modular engine. The boys at FTK yanked the mod motor out of the Pony and completely disassembled it. The block and heads were sent to D.S.S. Racing, where the block was machined for the upcoming bottom-end components. Once the aluminum block was to D.S.S.' liking, a forged stroker crank was dropped in the main web. The longer stoke of the crank and the standard bore of the Three-Valve combined to produce 302 ci. Swinging on the crank journals are a set of forged rods that mate to a set of forged slugs. Once the entire assembly was balanced, the bottom end was shored up.

With over 1,200 hp on tap, we almost had to use the matching airplane in the background to stay with the Full Throttle Kustomz twin-turbo '07 Mustang GT.

Knowing that Ray wanted power numbers well into the quadruple-digit zone, it was only natural that D.S.S. perform some major port work on the stock heads. Once the heads were CNC'd and machined, they were installed on the short-block, followed by a set of custom-ground Crane camshafts. While Ray kept most of the specs to himself, he did give out a lift figure of 0.576 inch on both the intake and exhaust sides. The roller cams bump open 1mm oversize intake and exhaust valves.