July 12, 2006

As president of Street Scene Equipment, Mike Spagnola has to decide on what the hot models of cars are so that he and his company can take them a step further in the styling department by creating body components that are, as Emeril Lagasse would say, kicked up a few notches compared to the factory lines.

As Mike pointed out, the '05-up Mustangs were sure to be a hit, as their styling was the perfect combo of retro and modern, bringing generations of enthusiasts together with a single design.

Improving upon such a great design would be a tricky proposition. Take it too far and you can ruin the lines and overall effect of the styling. The crew at Street Scene was well aware of this, and while they certainly wanted to make their mark on the Mustang, keeping its identifiable look was paramount. They've certainly scored well on both accounts, and what's probably more remarkable is that this Ford went from showroom-stock to show stopper in a mere 90 days. That includes creation of the tooling for the molds and popping out production-ready components.

Starting with an '06 Mustang GT, the design team sketched out a plan, and the various body parts were molded in urethane and then bolted on. These included Street Scene's Generation 2 front fascia, side skirts, rear deck wing, and rear fascia, which incorporates a new center-outlet exhaust system.

Custom billet GT logos were milled and installed, as was a powdercoated center-mount grille kit that uses the factory GT driving lights, side ducts, and Street Scene's Cal Vu Mirrors with Mutha Signal technology. While the Street Scene body components were molded in urethane, the stock aluminum hood was left alone save for some custom louvers.

"Most Mustang enthusiasts choose red, yellow, orange, or black for their custom paint jobs," Mike says. "My aunt had a green '67 Mustang that I always loved. This is a modern rendition of her '67." Theresa Contreras of L&G in San Dimas, California, shot the sparkly green shade and, at Mike's request, added the wide Le Mans-style stripes. "Everyone else tends to go with the narrower, black-painted stripes, and

I just couldn't see it with the new, wider body style," he says. So the expansive stripes were shot in a hue that more closely matches the custom tan interior that Westminster Interiors stitched up.

Hot wheels make any car look cool. These three-piece, WTW Giovanna Klessig-5 wheels measure 20 inches in diameter and retail for about a G-note each. No, we're not kidding. Pirelli's 255/35/20 front and 285/30/20 rear P-Zero Rossos keep this Mustang connected to the concrete.

The seats have been treated to aftermarket leather with a Ferrari-style pattern that is racy yet retains a vintage and classy look at the same time. Portions of the interior's plastic were painted the same vibrant House of Kolors Metallic Green to carry some color into the tan cabin.

Custom gauge graphics from Phoenix Imaging Hydrographics of Lancaster, Texas, are viewed through the leather-wrapped spokes of the American Stitches steering wheel. Of course, the stock Shaker stereo was stashed in favor of Pioneer's AVGVDP audio/video receiver, GEXP910XM satellite radio with navigation, and a Rosen 10-disc CD changer.

Joe Provenzano of Audio Innovations in Glendora, California, handled the installation of Polk/MOMO 5.25-inch component speakers powered by Polk's Carbon Series C400 amplifier, and a pair of 12-inch subwoofers that bump by way of a C500-series amp.

Street Scene's SoCal Stang sits right thanks to a set of H&R coils and Granatelli Motor Sports adjustable camber plates. GMS also supplied the front and rear sway bars, as well as the adjustable Panhard bar and urethane motor mounts.

Hiding behind the behemoth 20-inch Giovanna forged wheels are Stillen/AP Racing six-piston calipers and 14.4-inch rotors up front, and 13.5-inch rotors with four-piston calipers out back.

Those big binders get a workout, too, as the Costa Mesa, California, Street Scene crew fortified the Ford with Vortech's Aftercooled, high-output supercharger system. With the kit installed, the provided ECM tune was flashed into the computer for a tire-smokin' 400-plus rear-wheel horsepower.

The fact that the Street Scene staff built this Mustang from design to finished product in 90 days is truly remarkable. What's even better is they preserved the Mustang's heritage while giving it some mean, new looks.