Eric English
January 1, 2013
Red seems an odd choice for a Ford engine of the ’60s, until you learn that it was the color of choice for Doane Spencer builds. The stout Boss 302 was assembled by Skip Govia, and features a Bud Moore mini plenum that Spencer worked over.

The Details
Gary Goeringer and Dave Mani
1969 Ford Mustang Shelby G.T. 500


  • Boss 302 built by Skip Govia Racing Engines, estimated 475 horsepower
  • Four-bolt main '69 block
  • '70 Boss heads by Don Roberts Race Engineering
  • Bud Moore mini-plenum intake, modified by Doane Spencer
  • Eagle forged steel 3.00-inch crankshaft
  • Eagle connecting rods
  • JE forged aluminum pistons
  • Custom Randy Gillis solid lifter camshaft
  • Brasswell-modified Holley 750-cfm carburetor
  • Mallory Unilite distributor


  • Hooker long-tube headers with 21⁄8-inch primaries


  • NASCAR Super T10 four-speed
  • Tilton triple-disc clutch
  • Quartermaster aluminum flywheel
  • Quartermaster magnesium bellhousing
  • Hurst shifter with Doane Spencer Heim-jointed shifter rods


  • 9-inch Currie with Daytona pinion support and nodular iron carrier
  • Detroit Locker
  • 4.56 gears
  • 31-spline Currie axles


  • Front: Doane-Spencer-modified control arms with Del-A-Lum bushings, Kar Kraft Trans Am spindles, Global West springs, strut rods, blueprinted steering box, Koni shocks
  • Rear: Global West leaf springs, heavy-duty shackles, Koni shocks


  • Front: Lincoln/Kelsey Hayes disc
  • Rear: 10x2½-inch drum


  • Front: American Racing 200S 15x8-inch, magnesium, refinished by Ray Franklin/Vintage Engineering
  • Rear: American Racing 200S 15x8-inch, magnesium, refinished by Ray Franklin/Vintage Engineering


  • Front: Goodyear Blue Streak Sports Car Special, 6.00-15
  • Rear: Goodyear Blue Streak Sports Car Special, 7.00-15

Race car spartan, Doane-Spencer-designed and fabricated rollcage, Imron gray paint, SW instruments, Kirkey Vintage Class aluminum seat, Dave Mani and Rick Freeman (RF Racing; Hayward, CA) fabbed components such as custom brake and clutch pedals, Safecraft Halon fire system

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Sapphire Blue Dupont Chroma paint by Jack Williams, custom lightweight fiberglass fenders, hood and decklid, Lexan windshield and vented backlight by Cobra Automotive, Tony Navarra at T&D Hi Performance Motors window stainless