Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 15, 2012
Photos By: John Jackson

The Ringbrothers crew immediately got under way with the build concept. Jack had spent time in Europe while in the Air Force and took a huge interest in the history/folklore and mythology of medieval dragons while over there, which he has a deep appreciation and passion for to this day. As such, he knew he wanted the Mustang to have a strong and sinister like feel and look to it—hence the Dragon name. Jack and Jayne requested some specific items built into the car, but otherwise relied on the Ringbrothers to come up with a killer design and build concept.

"The car was to be a tribute to my grandmother Otty," Jack tells us as well.

One strange discussion centered on the original color for the car. Jack suggested two colors for the build, a gray and a dark red, with the red eventually being dropped and the plan became to paint the car Castle Gray. As the build progressed, however, Ringbrothers felt the original dark red color would actually work best for the base color and it had to talk Jack back into the original color. Based off of a BMW color, the Ringbrothers tweaked it to come up with "Dragon's Blood Red" and Jack and Jayne couldn't be happier with the final result.

While the Dragon has racked up numerous awards, from the SEMA Show to Goodguys events, Jack intends to drive the car to events and cruises and not let it sit and gather dust. Unfortunately, Jack has only been behind the wheel once so far, as the Dragon is currently making the rounds of all the major shows, including the 2010 and 2011 SEMA shows.

"We felt like we were at the center of the universe at the SEMA show," Jack tells us, as they were in attendance for the passing of their 2010 Mother's Shine award to the 2011 winner. "We never intended to build a car of this caliber, but the project just grew and we loved what the Ring brothers did. We've met all of the previous Ringbrothers vehicle' owners and it is a close knit family of great people."

After winning the Mothers Shine award at the 2010 SEMA show, Jack was checking the Internet blogosphere to see what people were saying about the debut of the Dragon when he came across a comment about the Dragon's "cheap" plastic hood vents (which are actually coated billet). The billet vents are of such high caliber they look like an injected molded plastic cover! While at first it upset Jack, he eventually came to realize that it's that build quality that sets the Ringbrothers builds apart, and now considers it a funny memory of the 2010 SEMA show.

Getting back to that one time Jack drove the Dragon (to date); it was at the Columbus Goodguys show. As a contender for Street Machine of the Year, all cars had to make a pass through the autocross.

"Jayne was worried about me driving the car and getting hurt, while Jim (Ring) was more worried about the car!" Jack explained about the day. On his autocross pass, however, Jack had a clean run with no issues and when he flew by Jayne and Jim, they were stunned at his driving skills; to the point Jayne turned to Jim and said, "Crap, he can drive!"

Jack and Jayne will be taking delivery of their SportsRoof this spring. One last trip to Wisconsin for final inspection is in order and then the Dragon will be shipped to Arizona for Jack and Jayne to enjoy fun Sunday drives, cruises, and shows. Although Jack tells us Jayne has already been driving the Dragon in her dreams!

"She recently had a dream where she was driving the Dragon at full chat with a friend strapped in. Now she can't wait to scare the crap out of them!" It sounds like she can't wait to show their friends that the Dragon is indeed a fire breather and ready to live up to its namesake.