Isaac Mion
April 4, 2011

The Details

Mark Stutzman’s ’70 Mustang SportsRoof


  • ’03 Mustang Cobra DOHC 4.6L (281ci) V-8, cast-iron block
  • 90.2mm bore, 90.0mm stroke
  • 8.5:1 compression ratio
  • Forged counterweighted crankshaft
  • Aluminum DOHC heads, four valves per cylinder
  • 37mm intake valves, 30mm exhaust valves
  • Eaton Generation IV Roots-type supercharger with water-to-air intercooler


  • TTC T-56 six-speed manual, single-plate
  • 11-inch factory Mustang Cobra clutch
  • Custom driveshaft by Drive Train Industries


  • 8.8-inch IRS from an ’03 Mustang Cobra
  • 31-spline half-shafts
  • Factory Traction-Lok with 3.55 gears


  • Stock 4.6L DOHC cast-iron exhaust manifolds
  • 2-inch tubing
  • Flowmaster mufflers


  • Front: AJE Racing K-member, adjustable struts, 600-lb/in coils, 29mm tubular stabilizer, rack-and-pinion with power assist, 15:1 ratio
  • Rear: Multi-link independent system, cast-iron upper control arms, aluminum lower control arms, fixed toe-control tie rods, aluminum spindles, gas-charged dampers, 600-lb/in coils, 26mm tubular stabilizer bar


  • Front: Ford Racing Cobra upgrade, 13-inch vented Brembo disc, Cobra 10th Anniversary calipers
  • Rear: 11.65-inch vented disc, Cobra 10th Anniversary calipers, Factory Mustang antilock braking system and traction control


  • Front: American Racing Shelby Limited Edition Torq Thrust MS, 17x9
  • Rear: American Racing, Shelby Limited Edition Torq Thrust MS, 17x10.5


  • Front: Nitto NT555, P275/40ZR17
  • Rear: Nitto NT555R Extreme Drag, P315/35R17


  • Complete ’03 Mustang Cobra interior with Alcantara/leather upholstery, custom seat modifications, door panels, center console, and custom modified dashboard


  • Ford Red Fire Metallic and House of Kolor Candy Tangerine paint; rear window louvers; custom C-stripe; paint, body, design, fabrication, disassembly, and reassembly work performed by Mustang Concepts