Jim Smart
January 19, 2011

Steve will tell you this wasn't an easy project. It took four years from disassembly to com-pletion. A lot of careful thought and planning went into its execution. Once the body was finished, Steve got his mind around the rest of his Ford. He wanted a rocket ship that handled the 347 stroker's power well. Under-neath is a Fatman Fabrications Mustang II front suspension with Heidt's spindles and disc brakes set up for Pro Street cruising. A Flaming River rack-and-pinion steering system helps Steve navigate. In back is a Ford 9-inch rearend from a '78 Lincoln with 4.11 locking cogs and Moser axles. Steve had to cut those huge Lincoln rotors down to a size that fit inside his 15-inch Cragars. The rear suspension is a cool four-link setup with coilover Carrera shocks. Those are Cragar Dragstar five-spoke wheels fore and aft wrapped in Mickey Thompson skins.

Underhood, Steve wanted the maximum amount of displacement you could shoehorn into a Boss 302 Ford block-machined by Tom Howell at Clegg Machine. Scat Enterprises provided the 347ci stroker package that includes a 4340 steel crank and rods as well as Trick Flow 8.0:1 pistons decked out with Childs & Albert zero-gap rings. An aggressive Crane roller camshaft with 578/560-inch lift and 322/312 degrees of duration was used for abundant power once this guy comes off idle. On top are Trick Flow aluminum cylinder heads motivated by a Pete Jackson gear drive timing set. Twin 650-cfm Holleys feed a hungry Silver Wing-prepped 6-71 blower. Those are custom stainless steel headers fabricated with great care by Richard Speaker huffing into Warlock mufflers. A Mallory ignition lights the mixture.

Behind the 347 is a small-block C6 with a 3,000-rpm-stall converter designed to hook up when this engine gets into its powerband. Steve had his builder go with a manual valvebody for solid street/strip control.

Inside, are '90 Mustang high-back bucket seats upholstered in white and purple leather by Rod Jones. Control happens via a Grant steering wheel. Safety comes from a five-point shoulder harness. That's a custom instrument panel decked out with Ford Racing instrumentation flanking a Billet Specialties steering column.

Sometimes, it takes a guy like Steve Whitlock to get our attention with a hot Pro Street ride like this. If the car seems dated, that's because its message is. Pro Street is an older theme known for its shock value. It rocks drive-ins everywhere. Crack the forced induction Holley butterflies and watch those Mickey Thompsons break loose in short order. That's the message in supercharged power. And Steve's message to all really is about fun. And when there's fun, more of it can only be better, right? If you'd like to know more about Steve's collection, go to prostreet-steve.blogspot.com.

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The Details

Steve Whitlock's '51 Ford 2-door Coupe


  • 347ci stroked small-block
  • '70 Boss 302 block
  • 4.030-inch bore
  • 3.400-inch stroke
  • Scat 4340 steel crank
  • Scat forged I-beam connecting rods
  • Forged 8.0:1 pistons
  • Trickflow cylinder heads
  • DDS induction system
  • 6-71 Silver Wing supercharger
  • 14 pounds of boost


  • Paul Workman C6 automatic
  • 3,000-rpm-stall converter
  • Manual valvebody


  • '78 Lincoln Mark V 9-inch
  • Moser axles
  • Traction-Lok
  • 4.11 gears


  • Stainless Headers fabricated by Richard Speaker
  • Warlock mufflers


  • Front: Fatman Fabrications Mustang II with Heidt's spindles, Flaming River steering rack, Carrera coilover shocks
  • Rear: Four-link, Carrera coilover shocks


  • Front: Fatman/Heidt's disc, 11-inch rotor, single-piston caliper
  • Rear: '78 Lincoln disc, turned down for wheel fitment


  • Front: Crager Drag Stars, 15x5
  • Rear: Crager Drag Stars, 15x15


  • Front: Mickey Thompson, 7.50x15
  • Rear: Mickey Thompson, 31x18.50x15


  • Rod Jones custom interior with purple and white leather, '90 Mustang bucket seats, SVO instrumentation, EZ Wiring


  • Candy Purple Pearl Dupont two-stage with Vermillion, Ghosted flames