Joe Greeves
August 12, 2010

Moving inside, the family redid the interior, adding two important upgrades. The Classic Auto Air A/C was a necessity in South Florida and, for entertainment on road trips, a Custom Autosound stereo system was installed that included a 10-disc CD changer and a unique speaker pod behind the rear fold-down seat. Dana's oldest son, Ian, had the idea to replace the stock wood trim in the Pony interior with Carpathian Elm Burl wood. Since Dana does custom woodworking for a living, the personal touch set off the interior beautifully. With the final addition of new Auto Meter gauges, the former spartan race car took on a thoroughly elegant appearance.

Once the long list of upgrades was complete, the most important finishing touch was paint and it took a while to find just the right artist. During the search, colors were discussed and Dana initially felt the '66 should be painted black, similar to the original old family ride. Annette had another suggestion however, after seeing a beautiful, three-stage candy red paint at Cambird Auto Body in Fort Myers. Dana and Annette hit it off immediately with the Cambird shop owners, Tom and Anita King, who got the job of completing the cosmetics on the car. The body was stripped, and in the process, revealed several of the colors in the Mustang's past that had been applied by previous owners. The Cambird crew spent six weeks on the classic Pony, bringing the sheetmetal back to factory smooth and spraying the new Candy Red. Seeing the completed paintjob for the first time, Dana said it was the best he had ever seen and he regularly gets comments from spectators who tell him the same thing. The car was sound deadened with Dynamat throughout and reassembled, ready for its debut on the show circuit. In the process, Dana and Tom became good friends and now travel to shows together, each displaying their favorite cars.

Dana says the return to the automotive hobby has been a marvelous experience, especially with the kids involved throughout the process. He also enjoys reliving past memories and meeting great people at both local and national events. The former race car has come a long way, already amassing a collection of more than 50 awards. Even without the trophies, Dana says, "I just enjoy getting behind the wheel and bringing back the feeling of those good old times." Hey, we understand exactly!

The Details

Annette and Dana Bowers' '66 Mustang fastback


  • '93 Mustang Cobra 5.0L
  • 4.030-inch bore
  • 3.00-inch stroke
  • TRW forged pistons
  • Comp Cams roller cam, 0.522-inch lift, 268-degrees duration at 0.050-inch
  • Ford Racing aluminum cylinder heads
  • Ford Racing intake
  • Edelbrock 600-cfm carburetor
  • Comp Cams 1.6:1 roller rockers
  • MSD 6AL ignition and coil


  • Top Loader four-speed
  • Hurst shifter


  • 8-inch housing
  • Richmond 3.80 gears
  • 28-spline axles


  • Hooker headers, 1 1/2-inch primaries, 3-inch collectors
  • 2 1/2-inch dual exhaust
  • Flowmaster 40-series mufflers


  • Front: Replacement control arms, Street Bandit performance springs, KYB Gas-a-just shocks, 1-inch diameter antisway bar, Unisteer rack-and-pinion
  • Rear: Street Bandit lowering blocks, KYB Gas-a-just shocks, 3/4-inch diameter antisway bar


  • Front: Stainless Steel Brakes disc, 11.25-inch slotted rotor, four-piston caliper
  • Rear: Stainless Steel Brakes disc, 10.5-inch slotted rotor, single-piston caliper


  • Front: Coy's chrome C-5, 17x7
  • Rear: Coy's chrome C-5, 17x8


  • Front: Nexen N3000, P215/45ZR17
  • Rear: Nexen N3000, P235/45ZR17


  • Leather "Pony" interior with custom Carpathian Elm Burl wood accents, Auto Meter gauges, Custom Autosound stereo with rear-mounted speaker pod, illuminated pony doorsill plates


  • Three-stage custom Candy Red with Silver Metallic basecoat, Red Candy color coat, and tinted clear, fiberglass Shelby-style hood

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