Wayne Cook
March 17, 2010
Photos By: Jim Smart

This impressive '67 Mustang coupe is a shining example of the excellent result that can be achieved starting with a garden-variety coupe. While not as valuable in a monetary sense as a fastback or convertible, they still possess the same timeless styling and performance potential that comes with any classic Mustang. Because they are much more plentiful, the ante to get into the game with a coupe is usually half the cost of a fastback or convertible. Then there are those of us who prefer the coupe regardless of cost. For those who want an enclosed car with solid top and a formal roofline the Mustang coupe is the only way to fly. That's what Glenn and Kelly Thomas of San Leandro, California, would tell you, and they are the happy owners of this good-looking example. Actually Glenn's taste for coupes may have developed early on, as he fondly remembers driving his Mom's California Special while he was back in high school. For this new coupe project, Glenn formulated a plan for bigger-than-average performance in every department and it included overdrive and air conditioning, as well as a more powerful engine.

Before the plans could be implemented there was a considerable amount of bodywork required. Cowl and floorpan replacement were just two of the major projects involved in bringing the body back to a perfect standard. At this time subtle exterior changes were added. They included the rear spoiler, Thunderbird taillights, sidescoops, and a Shelby hood. Once the bodywork was completed Glen had his friend Victor Lima apply the DuPont Sapphire Blue paint. In the powertrain department he decided that bigger was better and he tossed the 289ci V-8 in favor of a Windsor-based 392ci stroker engine. The C4 three-speed automatic went out the window also and was replaced with a G-force modified T5 five-speed manual.

Going from a tired 289 to the healthy 392 almost doubled the horsepower and all of a sudden the car's performance envelope got a lot bigger. This resulted in the fact that there would be a lot of work to do making sure the rest of the car was up to the performance demands created by the extra horsepower. Glenn began with the underpinnings and installed all new suspension components from Mustangs Plus both front and rear. In addition to new upper and lower control arms, a set of 620 coils were installed in front, while five leaf mid-eye springs were used out back. Body roll was brought under control using a 1-inch diameter front antisway bar.

The final reports are in and not surprisingly the reviews are all good. The car runs hard and corners flat and that's just what we would expect. Judging from the severely lowered stance and full roll bar, it's a safe bet that Glenn and family have plenty of fun with this cool coupe on the back roads of central California.

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