Eric English
February 3, 2010
Photos By: Jim Smart

Kaase Intake Manifold
The new Boss Nine intake manifold is a single-plane unit that stands just 1 1/4 inches taller than stock, and can be used on either Kaase or original heads. Available with either a 4150 or Dominator flange, dyno testing has found this intake to be worth big power over either a period NASCAR spider intake, or the stock dual plane. Unbelievably, on a stout 466-inch mule, the Kaase intake was worth about 50 hp more than the NASCAR piece and 100 horses more than the stocker.

Wouldn't You Like To See A Race Between These "Super Bosses"?
Having retired from a successful drag racing career in the mid-1960s, Al "The Lawman" Eckstrand was on a more benevolent endeavor when he linked up with Ford to bring driving safety demonstrations to thousands of Vietnam-era servicemen. Touring the Pacific Rim with several "lesser" Mustangs, the eye candy of the tour was clearly this outrageous supercharged '70 Boss 429. Years later, former servicemen can still recount seeing the blown Boss in theater, even fired up on the flight deck of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. The last we knew, the Lawman "Super Boss" was owned by pro wrestler Bill Goldberg.

Bob Tasca's influence on '60s performance Fords is well known, as is one of Tasca's most famous cars of the era, the '69 Tasca "Super Boss." Reputed to be the seventh Boss 429 built, KK1214 was promptly modified for promotional use with a Larry Shinoda-designed paintjob, and an all-aluminum 494-cube Can-Am motor. Touring a wide variety of dragstrips around the country, it is said that Tasca would offer $1,000 to anyone capable of beating it in the 1,320. We imagine the complete story was that challengers had to likewise be street cars running through the muffs, and on street tires. In such trim, the Super Boss ran 11-second e.t.'s, so we're apt to think Tasca didn't lose much money in the endeavor-but certainly gained notoriety for himself, Ford, and the Boss 429. The Tasca "Super Boss" currently resides in Brent Hajek's collection.