Wayne Cook
July 1, 2009
Photos By: Tracy Stocker

Mach 1 Origins
In 1969, the Mach 1 was introduced. It featured the new SportsRoof body with simulated sidescoops high on the quarter-panel with a prominent air dam and rear spoiler. It replaced the Mustang GT as the most popular Mustang performance option. The package included a long list of desirable features. The blacked out hood was adorned with a non-functional hoodscoop. The Shaker hoodscoop was optional and was mounted directly onto the carburetor projecting through an opening in the hood. It was available on 351 2V, 351 4V, and 390 engines, but was standard on the 428 CJ. Side stripes were color keyed to complement the body color and dual sport mirrors were also included. NASCAR-style hoodpins were also part of the visual and functional enhancements. Styled steel wheels and a pop-open fuel door rounded out the exterior appearance. Inside, the original Mach I came equipped with the deluxe interior. The popular Mach I package continued on into the big-bodied Mustangs and was also available on the Mustang II through 1978. The package then disappeared until the creation of the '03 Mustang Mach I, which was equipped with the 32-valve DOHC 4.6L engine. This Mach I was continued into the 2004 model year and then faded away with the introduction of the '05 Mustang.