Wayne Cook
July 1, 2009
Photos By: Bill Erdman

The Details
Andy and Dianne Carrano's '67 Mercury Comet Cyclone GT


  • 427ci FE center oiler V-8
  • 4.23-inch bore
  • 3.78-inch stroke
  • Ford forged steel crankshaft
  • LeMans connecting rods
  • TRW 11.8:1 compression forged aluminum pistons with chrome-moly rings
  • Ford 427/425 HP solid lifter camshaft
  • 427 low-riser cylinder heads
  • Ford low-riser dual-quad aluminum intake manifold
  • Dual Holley 1850 600 cfm carburetors
  • 105-octane fuel required


  • Top Loader four-speed


  • 9-inch axle
  • Traction-Lok differential
  • 3.55 gears


  • Hooker Super Comp headers
  • 2½-inch dual exhaust
  • Flowmaster mufflers


  • Front: Rebuilt factory coil spring with OE-type shocks
  • Rear: Rebuilt factory leaf spring with OE-type shocks


  • Front: Factory Kelsey Hayes disc, 11-inch rotors
  • Rear: Factory drums

The car has an almost level stance with a slight rake imparted by a larger rear tire. The Mercury body styling is certainly different than from the Ford camp and is a great way to go for a car that looks truly different. You'll see a thousand Mustangs for every 427 Cyclone you come across.


  • Front: American Racing Shelby Cobra polished, 17x8
  • Rear: American Racing Shelby Cobra polished, 17x8


  • Front: BFGoodrich G-Force TA, P235/45R17
  • Rear: BFGoodrich G-Force TA, P255/50R17


  • Restored stock bucket seats; gray vinyl and cloth upholstery; OE instrumentation, including optional 8,000 rpm tachometer; OE four-speed shifter; Pioneer stereo with twin 6x9 package tray speakers


  • Q-code Glacier Blue paint, GT rocker stripes, fiberglass R-code 427 hood with pins, 427 factory ornamentation