Wayne Cook
July 1, 2009
Photos By: Bill Erdman

Sometimes in our Ford hobby adventures we set out to look for one thing and end up finding another that's somehow even better. The right Ford actually finds us. Andy Carrano of Ringwood, New Jersey, has a story a lot like that. Like many of us, he was originally a Mustang fan, and he has owned a '65 2+2, a '67 Shelby GT500, and a '70 Mach 1. However, when the time came for yet another classic Ford he yearned for something unique. Andy began to search the world for a different sort of car to scratch his persistent high performance itch. After checking out other offerings in the classic Ford lineup he decided that a Fairlane of the '66-'67 variety would fill the bill. He knew he wanted a GT version equipped with a 390 or 427 big-block engine, knowing that such a car would come with disc brakes and a 9-inch axle. The trouble is that nice big-block Fairlanes are rare and can get expensive. It was a frustrating search but Andy bided his time.

He had never considered the possibility of a Mercury Comet, which is the even less numerous cousin of the Fairlane. Then one day, while glancing through the Mercury section of the classifieds, he came upon this perfectly restored '67 Comet Cyclone GT. When he saw the photos several things impressed him right away. Both body and paint looked excellent and the original Glacier Blue color was an awesome hue. The Cyclone was an S-code GT, so it came from the factory with the disc brakes and 9-inch axle that Andy wanted. Perhaps best of all was the fact that the original S-code 390 engine had been replaced with an R-code dual-quad 427 FE.

The low-riser center oiler addition was a huge plus. The engine was original in appearance in every way and the gem-like car intrigued him. After more photos and a conversation with the owner, he bought the car sight unseen. The Comet had to come across the country on a transporter and on the day of the car's arrival he was apprehensive. Photos on a computer screen are one thing, but the reality could be hidden sins and unpleasant surprises. However, when the Merc was unloaded and the cover removed, the car was as glorious as you see here. It's indeed one of the best colors in the Mercury lineup and the super clean dual-quad 427 assures that the car runs like a rocket. The Carrano's enjoy taking the Cyclone to cruise nights and car shows, and although the car has a nice stereo, it doesn't get much use. Andy says "who needs the radio when there's a solid lifter 427 FE under hood?" We can easily understand why he's so happy with the Cyclone, and what's not to like? {{{Smart}}} and patient shopping resulted in a deal that gave him, what is, in practical reality, an R-code car for an S-code price.