Drew Phillips
June 1, 2009

Galpin also helped Mark hurdle the toughest part of the built yet, the electrical and wiring. "The stock fuse block, harnesses, and factory wiring positions are great for the stock mustang and bolt-on mods, but they aren't up to the task of supporting the massive amount of electrical additions a build like this creates," he says. "Modifications like Boost-a-Spark, high flow return fuel system, MSD 2-step, a nitrous system, fan-based cooler systems, gauges, trans brake, and more, work great on their own or when a few are combined together, but when you throw all of them together, it's just too much for the factory relays and block to handle without constant challenges and failures. Through trial and error, it was a big challenge to completely rewire the car and utilize additional panels and blocks to route all the current properly while keeping the car accept-able for daily driving conditions." Fortunately, Galpin was not only able to get everything to work reliably and consistently, but the company made it look good as well.

Another big chal-lenge was the drive-train. As you can imagine, building a transmission and rearend that can handle daily driving duties as well as 9-second quarter-mile passes can be a challenge. Mark turned to Larry's Transmission in Corona, CA, which built a custom Art Carr 4R70W full manual transmission with transbrake. Power is fed through an Ultimate 10-inch converter from Ultimate Converter Concepts, as well as a steel one-piece driveshaft, Detroit Locker diff, and Moser 32-spline SFI axles.

As you can imagine, getting all that power to hook up created some necessary upgrades to the suspension, wheels, and tires. Galpin handled installation duties, and put in QA1 front coilovers as well as QA1 rear shocks with Shelby GT500 springs. Other upgrades included Metco upper and lower control arms, Steeda subframe connectors and adjustable Panhard bar, BMR extreme antiroll bar, front sway bar delete, and tubular A-arms and K-member. Eighteen-inch polished Bullitt wheels are wrapped with Nitto NT555 tires in street trim, while Bogart welded RT wheels with Goodyear Dragway special rear tires and MT Sportsman radials up front are fitted for track duty.

With everything installed and in place, Galpin sent the car over to Racer's Edge Tuning in Downey, CA, for a final tune and dyno testing. The result: 851 rwhp and 782 lb-ft torque on just 18 pounds of boost and a 100-shot of nitrous. With the car dialed in, Mark was anxious to take his Mustang to the track and he soon enough had some real numbers to brag about. His best time at the local 1?8-mile track is 6.17 at 110 mph and he easily broke the 9s in the -mile with a best of 9.67 at 141 mph.

While Mark no doubt loves the performance of his Mustang, his favorite part of the car has nothing to do at all with how fast it is. "Though I'm a big performance guy and love track E.T.'s, I have to admit my favorite part of the car is the custom airbrushing by Bill Coogle throughout the car. It's so unique and draws the attention of everyone who sees the car immediately. The car speaks volumes when it's in action, but the custom airbrushing sets the car apart if it's just sitting in a parking lot." The custom paint can be seen in the engine bay on the custom intake tube and the radiator support cover, as well as the Pony logo on the side and front grille and the faux gas cap at the rear.

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