Wayne Cook
May 1, 2009
Photos By: Mark Houlahan

Marco Navarro of Irving, Texas, is a dyed-in-the-wool Mustang enthusiast. One look at his sweet '66 Mustang GT convertible is all it takes to determine that. The modern rolling stock and the K-code-style high-performance emblems are just two of the things that attest to the owner's interest in performance. What you can't tell directly by looking at this original California black-plate car is that it's used as a principle means of transportation by a man with a mission. Marco Navarro is a dentist by profession, and he provides his important services to both sides of the international border.

Besides practicing dentistry in the Dallas area, Marco also commutes regularly to a practice in Monterey, Mexico. Crossing the border at Laredo, Texas, this is a distance of over 500 miles. Marco has patients in Mexico who depend on him for the important care that he provides; so when the time comes to make the trip, he can't be worried about whether his car is up to the task. Being too busy to completely restore a Mustang by himself, Marco contacted the professionals at KAR Auto Group of Columbus, Ohio. KAR had this GT available. He purchased the convertible and then had KAR perform the restoration and all of the extensive modifications you see here. Every precaution has been taken to make this Pony comfortable and reliable-as well as fast.

With the special suspension both front and rear, Marco has no problem dialing in the perfect rake on his Mustang, even with all four tires the same size. The American Racing Torq-Thrust wheels and the classic silver paint with classic striping combine to make a perfect statement.

When serious business is at hand, the D.D.S. must have the ability to reach his destination rain or shine. To keep pace with the modern world, serious upgrades abound on this car. Marco needs to be able to keep up with the traffic on the interstate as well as contend with the southern Texas heat. Toward that end, he has had an AODE four-speed automatic transmission and Classic Auto Air air conditioning installed. An advanced coilover suspension at both front and rear are also part of the formula. Other creature comforts include paddle shifting for the transmission, a tilt steering column for comfort adjustment, and a great stereo to pass the time while on that 500-mile trek.

Safety issues for the convertible were high on the good doctor's agenda, so three-point seatbelts as well as headrests are part of the package. Important appointments can't be delayed with a flat tire in a rural area, so Continental run-flat tires with a tire pressure monitoring system are part of the car's heavy-duty outfitting. Take a moment to study this elegant and well-balanced Mustang package. With everything this Pony has going for it, we're willing to bet that Marco looks forward to his frequent 1,000-plus-mile round-trip jaunts to the south of the border.