Jim Smart
April 1, 2009
Photos By: Dr. John Craft

The Details
Jeff Ray's '66 Galaxie Grand National Stock Car


  • 427ci FE Medium Riser V-8
  • Holley 1,050-cfm dominator 4V carburetor
  • Ford Medium Riser aluminum intake
  • Autolite dual-point distributor
  • Holman & Moody flat-tappet mechanical camshaft, 0.520/0.520" life, 290-degree duration
  • Steel crankshaft
  • Shot-peened and polish Le Mans rods
  • JE forged pistons
  • 13.0:1 compression
  • Tunnel Port iron heads with Ferrea stainless valves
  • Aluminum 1.75:1 rocker arms


  • Ford large-shaft Top Loader four-speed


  • Holman & Moody 9-inch
  • Detroit Locker
  • 31-spline double-spline axles
  • 3.89 gears


  • Custom long-tube headers
  • 3-inch dump pipes


  • Front: Holman & Moody design with special adjustable upper and lower control arms, specially modified Ford worm and sector steering gear, Holman & Moody 1¼-inch sway bar with adjustable Heim joints, two racing shocks each side.
  • Rear: Watt's link design with two Monroe shocks and a single coil spring each side, fully adjustable via jackscrews


  • Front: Full metallic drum, 11x3-inches
  • Rear: Full metallic drum, 11x2½-inches


  • Front: Firestone Double Center, 15 x 8½-inch
  • Rear: Firestone Double Center, 15 x 9-inch


  • Front: N.O.S. Firestone racing, 8.00/8.20x15
  • Rear: N.O.S. Firestone racing, 8.00/8.20x15


  • Chevrolet Cashmere Blue, Stewart-Warner instrumentation


  • Wimbledon White, Fred Lorenzen period graphics