March 12, 2009

When Ford redesigned the Mustang for 2005, they unmistakably hit a homerun. From the retro '65 fastback look to the 300HP 3V modular V8 The S197 has taken the automotive world by storm. When it was announced that the 2010 would be massaged to include more power and features new to the Mustang we all waited impatiently to learn of the changes.

Now that we've read Editor Houlahan's review of the 2010 Mustang, lets find out more details of the latest pony.

Ford included some of the suspension and chassis upgrades for the 2009 Bullitt as standard on the 2010. The table below details those parts as well as improvements to the suspension.

2009 Bullitt2010 {{{GT}}} {{{Coupe}}}2010 3.73 Axle Package2010 Track Pack
Front Spring (N/mm)23.923.923.923.9
Front Stablizer (mm)34x5.134x5.134x5.134x5.8 Same as 2007-2009 Shelby Coupe
Rear Spring (N/mm)24.929.2 +17% from 200929.2 +17% from 200929.2 +17% from 2009
Rear Stabilizer bar (mm)20202024 Sames as 2007-2009 Shelby Coupe
Stuts/Dampers Unique from base S197 GT CoupeNew for 2010Same as 2010 base GTUnique for Track Pack 2 Tuned for the track, on the track
Low to Mid-speed Damping-Front Rebound2009 Bullitt-16% from 2009 Bullitt-16% from 2009 Bullitt+9% from 2009 Bullitt
Low to Mid-speed Damping-Front Compression2009 Bullitt+34% from 2009 Bullitt+34% from 2009 Bullitt+{{{57}}}% from 2009 Bullitt
Low to Mid-speed Damping-Rear Rebound2009 Bullitt+21% from 2009 Bullitt+21% from 2009 Bullitt+29% from 2009 Bullitt
Low to Mid-speed Damping-Rear Compression2009 Bullitt+45% from 2009 Bullitt+45% from 2009 Bullitt+{{{62}}}% from 2009 Bullitt
Brake padsUnique front pad (PFC)Base Mustang PadsUnique front pad (PFC) Same as 2009 BullittBullitt front pad (PFC) Same as 2009 Bullitt New rear pad (PFC)
Upper strut mountStandard Coupe RateStandard Coupe RateStandard Coupe Rate66% Stiffer
Rear lower control armStandard CoupeStandard CoupeStandard CoupeShelby rear lower control arm
Axle3.73 Limited Slip3.31 Limitesd Slip Opt 3.55 Limited Slip3.73 Limited Slip3.73 Limited Slip Carbon fiber plates
Strut tower braceFord Racig partComes with 19" tiresComes with 19" tiresStandard
Wheels18x8.5, Bullitt style18x8 or 19x8.518x8 or 19x8.519x8.5 Bullitt style only
TiresBFG KDWS All Season 235/50ZR18Pirelli Pzero Nero All Season 235/50ZR18 or 245/45ZR19Pirelli Pzero Nero All Season 235/50ZR18 or 245/45ZR19Pirelli Pzero 255/40ZR19 Summer tire
Advance TracN/AStandard On/Off/Sport modeStandard On/Off/Sport mode Unique tuningStandard On/Off/Sport mode Unique tuning
Spare tireTire Inflator KitStandard minispareStandard minispareTire Inflator Kit

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