Dale Amy
January 1, 2009

Though it certainly corners with less body roll than a factory Fusion, the T5 won't pulverize your kidneys in the process. In fact, the ride is surprisingly compliant, considering the proximity of the rubber to the wheel lips, and we never once heard any rubbing. Then again, we sometimes had the tunes turned up, boosted as they are with Rockford Fosgate P450.4 and P325.1 amps tucked in an under-floor compartment in the trunk. Beyond this entertainment aspect, MRT's Fusion T5 even has a trunk-mounted computer (in a separate compartment forward of the amps) paired with a wireless keyboard and motorized, touch-screen display, for something of a rolling office theme. It was a certified hit at the 2006 SEMA show.

We've always thought the Fusion had some terrific potential as an enthusiast's sporting sedan, and MRT's turbocharged Fusion T5 certainly confirms this suspi-cion. So call MRT if your Fusion is in need of reaction.

The Details
MRT's '06 Ford Fusion AWD


  • Stock 3.0L V-6 internals
  • Garrett T31-based intercooled turbo
  • Installation fabricated by MRT


  • Stock Fusion transaxle
  • AWD drivetrain


  • Stock Ford


  • MRT-fabricated 2.5-inch stainless exhaust
  • Aero Turbine mufflers


  • Front: Independent Short-and Long-Arm (SLA), double lower ball joints, 24mm antisway bar, H&R coilover shocks
  • Rear: Independent Multi-link Twist Blade, 17mm antisway bar, H&R coilover shocks


  • Front: Stock disc
  • Rear: Stock disc


  • Front: Boss Motorsports 328, black chrome finish, 20x8.5
  • Rear: Boss Motorsports 328, black chrome finish, 20x8.5


  • Front: Nitto Invo, P255/35ZR20
  • Rear: Nitto Invo, P255/35ZR20


  • Stock buckets with "Fusion T5" stitched into seatbacks, carbon-fiber-look dash appliqu, boost and oil pressure gauges in center console, Rockford Fosgate amps in trunk, 10-inch subwoofer in rear package tray; mobile PC in trunk with wireless keyboard and mouse, touch-screen in dash-top storage bin


  • MRT TwinScoop fiberglass hood, 3dCarbon ground-effects kit, paint by MRT in stock Silver Frost color, exterior chrome and brightwork treated to a black-chrome look

More AWD And Turbo Combos From MRT
Combining boost and four-wheel traction turned out so well on the Fusion T5 that MRT also decided to apply the same philosophy to an Edge crossover SUV and a Lincoln MKZ sedan. MRT's "Leading Edge" and "Hot Rod {{{Lincoln}}}" SEMA projects both feature Turbonetics intercooled turbos amongst their many enhancements. Here are a couple of shots just to get your attention. We have plenty more photos and the full story on both standing by, so let us know if you'd be interested in seeing features on them.

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