Wayne Cook
December 1, 2008
Photos By: Drew Phillips

Zeeshan Mohamed from Calabasas, California, owns the black-on-black '06 Mustang GT searing your eyeballs. He's a busy man and is currently involved in the creation of a new business called Automotive Dezignz. He has had a huge variety of cars in his automotive past but he wasn't originally interested in high-performance iron.

From a design standpoint, however, he has always loved the '67-'68 Mustang fastback body style. When the all-new Mustang was introduced in '05, the classic fastback roofline really hooked him. Zeeshan knew that sooner or later he would own one of the beautifully styled cars.

It turned out to be sooner, as he bought his Mustang GT new at Galpin Motors, located Southern California's San Fernando Valley, late in 2005. He started out just driving his new car and enjoying the incredible value of the factory-fresh Mustang before making any changes.

It wasn't too long before the multitude of aftermarket offerings for new Mustangs began to attract his attention and he chose the aftermarket components for his new car carefully. Take one look at his setup and you'll see that it isn't for drag racing. Although the Mustang has a lowered stance, he says it isn't used as a road racer. The prominent front spoiler bolstered with steel support rods and a custom carbon-fiber air splitter hint at the car's true intended purpose.

Zeeshan likes to use his Mustang for sustained high-speed transportation and he enjoys driving his car near the edge of its performance envelope, sometimes for hours on end. You might call it freeway flying where Overdrive is king and the open road is a ribbon running to the horizon.

That sounds a lot like going between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and it just so happens that's one trip he likes to make in the black Mustang. In fact, he and his buddies have had something resembling a Cannonball Run going on between the two cities. Zeeshan didn't say how fast anybody was going and they didn't have to outrun any police helicopters, but he did say that in the tradition of the famous open-road event, a splendid time was had by all.

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