Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 1, 2008
Photos By: Drew Phillips

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Your wallet, on the other hand, is another story. Suggested retail on the KR is currently $79,995. Don't be surprised by dealer gouging, er, we mean "adjusted dealer markup," which enables the KR to hit $100,000 to get it off the showroom floor.

So not only is the KR the most powerful Mustang ever built, it also will hold the distinction as the most expensive Mustang ever built. Unfortunately, this means that the KR will be out of reach of many of the enthusiasts who truly would enjoy the car and use it properly, myself included. But hey, a test drive is free, right?

Carbon-Fiber Hood Properties

  • Fully functional hood pins
  • Used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to optimize heat extraction and cold airflow to intake
  • 1.2mm unidirectional outer panel
  • 0.8mm unidirectional inner panel
  • Chamber 1 - fresh-air feed to cold-air intake
  • Chamber 2 - warm-air extraction from underhood
  • Inner hood designed to manage water from the extractors
  • 11-pound weight save versus alum. GT500
  • Suspension Upgrades
    Springs and Stabilizer Bars

  • Lowered front-ride height, 20 mm versus GT500
  • Lowered rear-ride height, 15 mm versus GT500
  • Front-wheel rates increased 17 percent, rear-wheel rates increased 7 percent to balance front-, rear-ride frequency
  • Stiffer springs control pitch, squat, and roll stiffness
  • Less total understeer than the GT500 with same overall roll stiffness as the GT500
  • Unique alignment--more negative camber (-1.4 deg. versus -0.75) and 0 front toe
  • Performance Upgrades

  • 3.73 axle ratio increases "slope" of acceleration
  • Increased spark advance improves throttle response and increases torque and power
  • Modified electronic throttle curve to increase performance feel
  • Cold-air intake reduces intake pressure drop and the temperature of air going into the airbox
  • Performance Numbers (unofficial SVT)
    0-60, sec4.54.3
    60 feet, sec2.22.0
    1/4-mile e.t.12.812.1
    1/4-mile, mph112115
    Top Speed, Electronically Limited155

    100-0, feet310303
    60-0, feet115109
    {{{300}}} ft skidpad, g0.921.00
    Slalom (100 ft), mph68.571.7
    Horsepower, hp500540
    Torque, lb-ft480510
    Rise Over Ambient (F)37<32