Eric English
August 1, 2008

Step By Step

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Mdmp_0808_13_z 1967_ford_mustang_hardtop Ram_air_cleanerMdmp_0808_14_z 1967_ford_mustang_hardtop Backview
Quick-fill fuel tanks were part of Shelby's Group II preparation, and clearly signify this as more than just a run-of-the-mill '67 hardtop.
Mdmp_0808_15_z 1967_ford_mustang_hardtop Front_shotMdmp_0808_18_z 1967_ford_mustang_hardtop Turbo

The Details
Gary Underwood's '67 Mustang Group II Hardtop


  • '70 Boss 302 block, 0.030 over
  • Vintage Ford Trans-Am forged-steel crank, 3.00-inch stroke, prepared by Henry Velasco
  • Carrillo rods, standard 5.155 inches
  • JE forged pistons
  • '66 GT40 iron cylinder heads, 1.90 intake and 1.60 exhaust titanium valves and retainers
  • Custom Crower solid roller cam, roller lifters, roller rockers, and pushrods
  • Original Ford dual four-barrel aluminum intake
  • Twin Holley "SK" 615-cfm factory race carbs
  • GT40 tach drive distributor
  • Custom stepped headers by Joe Ellis, Burns collectors
  • Aviaid oil pan and windage tray


  • Iron-case T-10 close-ratio four-speed built
    by Randy Gillis
  • McLeod twin-disc clutch


  • 9-inch
  • 3.70-4.57 gears (dependent upon race conditions)
  • Detroit Locker differential
  • Speedway Engineering 31-spline axles


  • Front: Koni double-adjustable shocks, Vogtland springs, lowered upper control arms, Kar Kraft spindles, 15/16-inch sway bar with spherical bearings
  • Rear: Koni double-adjustable shocks, custom King leaf springs, Watt's link by Terry Doty


  • Front: mid-'60s Lincoln disc
  • Rear: 2-1/2-inch Galaxie drum


  • Front: American Racing magnesium, 15x8
  • Rear: American Racing magnesium, 15x8


  • Front: Goodyear Sports Car Specials, 6.00-15
  • Rear: Goodyear Sports Car Specials, 7.00-15