Huw Evans
July 1, 2008
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Hunting Exotics
Wanting to make sure his Mustang could take on the curves as well as a straight line, Steve went all-out on the suspension and chassis upgrades. "We set it up for road racing and aggressive street driving," he says. "It's like having your own Ferrari/Porsche/BMW but wrapped in a Mustang body." Tokico adjustable D-Spec shocks and Steeda competition springs both front and rear ensure the car stays flat while cornering, and Ford Racing front and rear sway bars reduce body roll even further. Not one to do anything halfway, the Galpin team added Ford Racing billet lower control arms, Steeda triangle braces to help stiffen the chassis, BMR polyurethane bushings, and a Saleen Gen-2 Watt's-link system. Stopping power is provided by Baer 14-inch front brakes with two-piston calipers.

With a 302 underneath the hood and a suspension set up for the racetrack, it was only natural that the exterior would mimic a classic '69/'70 Boss 302. To start things off, Steve added a Classic Design Concepts front spoiler with a custom carbon-fiber splitter from Automotive Dezignz. The painted billet grille and custom hood are also from CDC, complete with a Shaker system that feeds cool air to the intake. Other exterior pieces include Agent 47 retro race mirrors and rear-quarter window NACA ducts, 3d Carbon headlight splitters, and Cervini's lower sidescoops and pedestal rear wing. To complete the retro look, Steve turned the car over to M&M Autoarts who painted the car Ferrari Rosso Red, a color that looks right at home on a modern musclecar. The red is complemented by low-gloss black paint on the hood and rear wing as well as black Boss striping. The Boss Eagle two-piece aluminum wheels have also been powdercoated to match the car and are wrapped with Nitto Invo tires.

The interior of this Mustang is just as impressive as the rest of the car. A color-matched six-point rollcage from Autopower Industries keeps occupants safe, and custom two-tone leather Cobra seats keep them comfortable as well. Driver controls have a sporty look and feel-the custom Momo steering wheel is handmade with black and red leather, the Hurst T-handle short-throw shifter bangs out gears with ease, and the engine can be ignited by the red starter button in the dash. Keeping tabs on the engine are Auto Meter gauges on the A-pillar and the dash.

So what does Steve think of his ultimate Mustang? "You know, when I think about it, the finished result is exactly what I had in mind," he says. "I was able to bring back the old-school Boss look, yet it drives super nice on the street-no shakes, rattles, or squeaks."

So is he finished with the car? For now, but Steve still has some plans for the future. "I think I'll have a look at installing twin turbos soon, just for fun." So, much like Galpin Auto Sports, it appears things are never static when it comes to Steve Carpenter's own personal Pony.