Don Roy
October 1, 2007
Photos By: Mike Maez

However, the car's driveline was not to be ignored if the 600 RWHP and 550 RWTQ were to be moved to the asphalt reliably. To accomplish that, an Exedy twin-disc clutch was hooked up to the FRPP Extra Heavy Duty Tremec 5-speed transmission, equipped with a transmission oil cooler. The stick axle in the stern features a Torsen T2 differential, axle girdle and 3.08 rear axle gears to keep the engine in its power band and flowing through to the Toyo 295/35-18 T1-R's out back. The car runs a staggered setup, with 265/35-18s out front. During Formula Drift event, Gushi will burn through five to seven full sets of tires.

Toyo's full race tires help to enable Gushi to drift around corners at 60-70 mph, sometimes hitting 125 mph before going into a turn. These days, drifting is an organized competition, with drivers running their rear-wheel-drive cars to see who can keep sliding sideways the longest. Competitors in drifting events are judged on the angle, line, speed and show factor of the drift. Angle is the angle that the car takes around the track - the more the rear end hangs out, the better. Line refers to taking the correct line around the track and is usually determined beforehand by the judges. Speed consists of the car's speed entering, going through and exiting a turn. Finally, show factor actually is judged on a variety of issues, such as the amount of tire smoke, proximity of the car to the wall and reaction of the crowd.

More Control
Getting the most points for a given performance requires absolute control over the vehicle. To enhance the Mustang's capabilities in this area, Ford people started by adding the full FRPP/Multimatic suspension from the FR500C racer and the FR500C's tie rods. As well, Wilwood Superlite 6-piston front brake calipers with 13-inch vented rotors and Superlite 4-piston rear calipers with 13-inch vented rotors are used to boost Gushi's ability to modulate speed.

Weight reduction is paramount to getting the car to rotate while still being able to manage it. For help with that task, while also supporting the spectator 'Wow' factor, Ford Racing called on Seibon to provide a carbon fiber hood, doors and trunk lid with custom vents. Ford also built custom fabricated flared fenders, the rear windshield and vents, along with custom fabricated window inlet and outlet ducts. BASF-sponsored paint in Team Toyo colors helps to make sure that you don't miss this Mustang when it's screaming around a course.

Inside, the car has been stripped of the creature comforts you'd expect when cruising the Interstates. Sparco racing seats, 6-point seatbelt harnesses and a modified FR500C rollcage augment both the safety of the driver and weigh reduction priorities. FRPP-supplied gauges are used to monitor critical engine operating conditions, including water and oil temperature, boost and fuel pressure and engine speed, through a monster tach and shift light.

According to Stan Chen, Manager of Motorsports and Events, Toyo Tire (USA) Corporation, 'The Gush' mesmerized crowds throughout the season, piloting his great-looking supercharged Mustang to wind up 7th overall in the 2006 championship points. For the 2007 season, Gushi currently stands 15th with two events remaining. Whether or not he can recover to a top 10 position remains to be seen. The competition is intense, but so is the young man from Whittier, CA.

While Gushi continues to compete in drifting, he is pursuing a business degree and would like to become a professional racecar driver. Ironically, he'll need to attend racing school first.