Huw Evans
October 1, 2007
Photos By: Joe Magro

The first year, Kendall drove his GT in stock form, complete with dark gray metallic paint and turbine wheels. Slowly, a plan for mods started forming in the young lad's mind. The exhaust came first, followed by a set of underdrive pulleys. "I'd never worked on my own car before and I had to thank my buddy Mike, for helping me." A set of Richmond 3.73 gears followed on the heels of the exhaust and pulleys, but at this point Scott was counting his pennies. "I was in university by then and needed to save money for tuition." By 1998, things had changed a little. Kendall was working part time at a dealership and had saved a bit of money. "I decided to have the car painted. I choose Toyota Royal Sapphire Pearl - the color it is today. However, once the car had been painted, it was no longer my daily driver. I added some pony wheels, but apart from the paint, exhaust, pulleys and gears, it was still stock."

New Heart
In 2000, Kendall parked his '87 for approximately three years. "I wanted to save some money so I could get a built engine for it. However, in December 2002, my grandmother, who I'd been close with, passed away. She knew about my passion for my Mustang and she left some money which she had told my mom was for me and my car." In 2003, with enough funds cobbled together, Scott got his hands on a built 306 from Proformance Unlimited in Ocean, NJ. It had all the goodies: Eagle H-beam rods, Keith Black forged pistons, Edelbrock Performer RPM heads and a Ford Racing X-303 camshaft. "I went to town on the engine bay, smoothing in all the holes and tucking the wiring underneath and out of the way. My buddy Mike helped install the engine and hook everything up." The following year, Kendall upgraded to five lug spindles and axles, along with Cobra R wheels and new tires.

During his spare time, he worked away at the details, cleaning and polishing wherever he could. It paid off. "A group of us decided to attend the All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA. We drove down there for the show and had a great time. I was surprised, but my car had garnered a lot of interest." In 2005, Kendall felt it was time to upgrade the braking system. "I sprung for Ford Racing Cobra brakes with the 13-inch front discs and I used Mach 1 front and rear calipers. I upgraded to a 1993 Cobra master cylinder and that made a huge difference. When I drove the car I was now confident in its braking ability." In fact, 2005 turned out to be quite a year for Kendall and his GT, for an interior revamp also got underway. "I really liked the 1985-86 style 'Halo' headrests so I grafted some of those onto my existing seats. Greg Gisbourne, of Neighbourhood Upholstery in Barrie, ON, did a fantastic job re-covering my seats - I can't thank him enough." Another trip to Carlisle saw more attention than ever being lavished on the car from both showgoers and judges. The end result? Kendall driving home with a best-in-class award.

"I felt that there were still a few things that needed to be done. In late 2005 I purchased a Cervini's Cobra rear bumper - I had straight through tailpipes on the car and I also felt that the front end could use a bit of jazzing up. I came across Matt Matter of MWM Designs. I asked him if he would paint ghost flames on the front end of my car and you know what, it really made a difference - that was one thing I was really happy with." With the car back together by spring '06, another trip to the All-Ford Nationals saw yet another best in class show award.