Don Roy
September 1, 2007
Photos By: Keith Upton

At the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado, you can find a shop that gets visits from an unlikely combination of vehicles, sometimes ranging from a US Rally-specification Subaru WRX to a Mercedes Benz-powered Freightliner. As events, like Speed Week at Bonneville or the Race to the Clouds at Pikes Peak approach on the calendar, the activity becomes more frantic. If you miss one of those times, you'd likely find a '93 Cobra under reconstruction, being modified with a reworked 750 HP ex-NASCAR motor ... reworked because it's about to be fitted with an F2 supercharger - target 1100 HP. All of these exotic projects have one thing in common: heat.

Matt Snow has built a business around keeping these competitors, and their vehicles, cool. The same applies to you too. Snow Performance, out of Woodland Park, CO, delivers some of the best products available for water-methanol injection. These provide a 'chemical intercooling' effect for high performance vehicles, essentially allowing you to turn up the wick while keeping deadly detonation at bay. It's no wonder then that when he got a new project car, Matt Snow was going to add a bunch of heat to it.

As you can see in the photos, he decided to build a BOSS 302 tribute vehicle in the decidedly historic Screaming Yellow livery. The car was also going to play a significant role as a demonstrator and test vehicle for his company's Boost Cooler product line. Because of this, the car had to be memorable in virtually every aspect of its concept and execution. On the car's styling, Matt told us, "The 2005-06 Mustang has strong visual cues to the 1969 BOSS 302 and I wanted to develop this concept."

To start on this, the first place he contacted was Classic Design Concepts, of Novi, MI, for their aggressive front chin spoiler. Finished in a satin black, the piece is hugely reminiscent of the BOSS's own chin spoiler. Next followed a set of rear window louvers, from MRT-Direct in Plymouth, MI. These were original equipment on the first BOSS cars and MRT's product continued the theme for Matt's efforts. MRT's stylish and functional louvers complete the natural lines of this Mustang. They are designed with easy lift up for window cleaning and installation is simple and easy and quick. Adding some blacked-out areas at the paint shop, along with custom cut side stripes and the transformation was almost complete.

What's Inside Counts
The original BOSS delivered on its performance theme with a four-barrel version of the 302 cid motor, or the venerable 429 cid big block engine. The former provided 290 HP while the latter brought 375 HP to the party. Well, that was then and this is now.This BOSS was going to demonstrate its authority based on a Garrett 62-1 turbocharger. An external wastegate would limit the non-intercooled power adder to 8 psi of boost. Appropriate tuning, in conjunction with the company's Boost Cooler product would do the rest.

For the installation and dyno tuning, Matt hooked up with Revolutions Tuning in Colorado Springs. Matt supplied them with the Boost Cooler Kit, a Stage-2 MAF and seven quart reservoir for the water/methanol mixture. In conjunction with a Diablo Sport Predator flash tuner, they were able to coax a reliable 530 RWHP out of the car. That's some dose of authority, especially on 91-octane fuel!

The way these Boost Cooler products work is to inject a water and methanol mixture - which could be as simple as windshield washer fluid - into the air intake system. Evaporation of the water and methanol requires heat, which comes from the intake charge and it gets cooled as a result. With cooler air going into the engine, more fuel can be added, which delivers more power. Of course, once you have detonation under control, you can investigate changes in timing, fuel mixture and boost pressure, to meet your power objectives. The interior remains decidedly original, save for the installation of critical information delivery, courtesy of Auto Meter-supplied boost pressure and air/fuel ratio gauges.