Eric Eikenberry
August 1, 2007

Cenora made a few calls to source a worthy suspension for his Shelby and came up with a full coil-over system from Progress Technology. This was paired with Progress' adjustable lower control arms and panhard bar, ensuring that, even with the proper lowered stance, his Pony's tail wouldn't be out of sorts. Since this is the first OEM panhard bar-equipped Mustang to leave Dearborn, folks may not know that an adjustable bar is REQUIRED on a lowered S197. The stock bar was designed by Ford for a specific ride height; any changes will deliver dangerous side-loading forces to the bar, and result in erratic handling or worse, an accident if it fails. A set of 20-inch Shelby Razor wheels and Falken FK452 high-performance tires fill the amply sized arches far better than the stock 17s ever could, while providing an interesting visual take on the traditional five-spoke design. Behind them, crisply-finished Shelby/Baer calipers clamp 14-inch Baer Eradi-speed two-piece, cross-drilled and slotted rotors. Rear brakes receive the Eradi-speed treatment too, with the OEM calipers moving outward on new mounts in order to substantially increase brake torque. Braided stainless steel hoses and proper piston sizing help the brake pedal retain the firm feel needed for sporty driving. Braking performance is as impressive as promised on this car, with the new calipers easily hauling this Stallion to a standstill repeatedly and without noticeable fade.

If that were where this story stopped, he'd still have one impressive Mustang. Jason, however, wanted to own the most over-the-top Shelby on the planet, so let's dig deeper into the juicy details. In Cenora's eyes, too much power is still not quite enough, so he added a Nitrous Express 3V Billet-plate fogger system, and their Ntercooler sprayer system for a bump in power and an increase in the efficiency of the intercooler system. A Meziere electric water pump saves parasitic drag and maintains a constant flow of coolant through the Hose Techniques HD pipes, hoses and Fluidyne high-performance radiator. XMP custom-fitted braided steel hoses abound under the hood, joined by Fragola AN fittings. A set of CPR billet high-flow fuel rails ensure that the injectors never run out of Rocket Brand 100 octane race fuel! JBA's short ceramic-coated headers boost torque through properly sized and joined runners, eliminating exhaust restriction. Magnaflow's prototype 3-inch twin muffler exhaust system does the rest of the hot work, venting the spent gases in a manner befitting the Shelby name. Finally, an engine bay dress-up kit from UPR adds serious bling over this serious collection of hardware. The love is evident in the finish applied to all of the parts, like the custom-painted intake runners and valve covers. Cenora leaves no detail untouched, no matter how small.

To bolster the rear end, Jason chose Superior Axle and Gear's 4.10 ratio ring and pinion set, their chromoly 31-spline axles, and a T2 torsen differential. Launching this Pony hard is actually rather easy! Prothane's billet motor mount and bushings clamp the engine and transmission into place authoritatively. All in all; this rock 'em, sock 'em package delivers a real body blow of acceleration when demanded. Power comes on immediately, anywhere in the RPM range, and in any gear for that matter too. Cenora reports that it's "nearly possible to watch the gas gauge move". As any true-blue Ford enthusiast will tell you, this just means it's working well!