Huw Evans
August 1, 2007
Photos By: Tracy Stocker

In 2004, the electrical system was redone and the battery relocated to the trunk for better weight distribution. I was really enjoying the car when I got the chance to drive it - with the T-56 it was great to row the gears. At the track it was a lot of fun. I never blew it up or wrecked out on the circuit, but a couple of times on the street things let go. One time after a session the alternator blew, but that's the price for running hard and fast."

However, the latest major incident (to date), was something completely un-track related. "I took the car to the Woodward Dream Cruise in 2004. The exhaust system had literally been cobbled together to provide clearance for the T-56 gearbox and during the cruise I got caught in traffic up in Pontiac. I banged the downpipes on the curb and the exhaust system literally came apart. It was a mess. I started looking around and found out about Stainless Works near Cleveland. I trailered the car down to them and they put on a full custom exhaust. I'll tell you, from the workmanship, the new piping will be the last thing to go on this car." Semi retired now, 'Blue Thunder,' still gets taken out for a blast once in a while, but asked if he'll sell it, his answer was. "Actually it's my daughter, she's got an '05 Mustang she traded a BWM on. She likes the car and loves driving stick. She's told me that I'm not to sell the '87. I think she might just hang on to it once I've had enough." Can you say family heirloom?

Dick Minnick's 1987 Mustang LX

Ford GT-40 5-liter crate V8

Engine Modifications
Ford Racing E-303 camshaft, GT-40 cylinder heads, 42-lb fuel injectors, 9mm plug wires, AGSF32C plugs, aluminum 3-core radiator, Max Flow mechanical water pump, cooling hoses and plumbing, Motorcraft FL300 external oil cooler; dual Pierburg 255 lph fuel pumps, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, Fuel Safe aluminum 20 gallon fuel cell, Vortech A-trim supercharger with 6 psi of boost, 8-rib blower belt, by-pass valve; Crane LX92 ignition coil, HI6-TR ignition control box; Stainless Works 1 5/8" long-tube exhaust headers, custom 2 1/2" exhaust and tailpipes; Optima Red Top battery (relocated to trunk)

Engine Management
1993 Mustang Cobra EEC-IV with custom tune by Don Walsh Jr.

D&D Performance Borg Warner T-56 six-speed conversion, Pro 5.0 shifter, Ford Racing King Cobra clutch, driveshaft; Auburn Pro differential, 3.73 gears

Kenny Brown 8-point steel roll cage, Lakewood driveshaft safety loop, Steeda strut tower brace

416 RWHP, 409 RWTQ
Best Et To Date: 13.0 @ 116 mph

Interior / Exterior
Dick Minnick's 1987 Mustang LX

Repainted original color of Medium Shadow Blue Metallic in urethane finish by Classic Auto Body; clear front corner lights; H.O. Fibertrends 3" cowl induction hood

Custom designed and built instrument cluster by Dick Minnick, Auto Meter 3-1/2" tachometer and speedometer, 5" monster tach/shift light, 2-5/8" boost and fuel pressure gauge, 2" oil pressure, temperature, water temperature and volt gauges; interior panels changed to black, Steeda shift handle, custom built Recaro LTL front bucket seats with Simpson five-point harnesses, recovered rear seat, Momo Corse 320mm steering wheel with custom designed hub and flange, Sony Radio with Infinity speakers, Bearcat scanner, Valentine radar detector

Wheels And Tires
1998 Ford Cobra aluminum wheels 17 x8" (front), 17 x 9" (rear); BF Goodrich G-Force KDW tires, 245/45-17 (front), 275/40-17 (rear)

Tokico Illumina front struts and rear shocks, Steeda Sport springs (front and rear), stabilizer bars (front and rear), adjustable caster/camber plates, bumpsteer kit; Ford Racing lower control arms (front and rear), 13" Cobra brakes with PBR calipers, Cobra 11.65" rear brake discs, five lug conversion; Custom K-member brace, Flaming River steering rack, steering limiters; Performance Friction racing pads, custom brake cooling ducts

Special thanks to Don Walsh Jr. of D&D Performance, (now Walsh Performance) who worked on this car like he owned it himself.