Don Roy
June 1, 2007
Photos By: Tracy Stocker

After he moved to Maryland, Jason hooked up with the Mid-Atlantic Cobra Association, a group of more than 300 Cobra owners of all years. Putting together a project Cobra like this one is seldom done alone and Jason is quick to point this out. Among those picked out for acknowledgement were Sean Martin, Dwight Galt, John Lund, Jared Rosen, Charles Secrist, Matt Ignace and Ken Krusie, along with John Urist and the whole crew at Hellion Power Systems.

When Jason turned to the interior of this Snake, he started with an 8-point chromoly roll cage, built for him by Insane Racing Fabrication; Auto Meter supplied the Lunar series gauges, including boost pressure, fuel pressure and oil pressure. The Innovate Motorsports air/fuel ratio gauge was also added. The center stack now sports an Alpine 9835 head unit with radio, CD and iPod controls. Outputs are passed through a Memphis Belle 1300 watt, 5-channel amplifier on their way to an assortment of Memphis speakers liberally scattered throughout the interior.

Start Me Up
With the engine mods in place, the SVT Cobra has turned out 713 RWHP and 719 RWTQ at a healthy 20.7 psi of boost (with more in reserve) and with a dollop of race gas. A trip or two to the Cecil County track has proven the car capable of turning in runs as fast as 10.49 seconds at 137.6 mph. Last summer, Jason joined up with a friend of his, Rob Brough, in a fully restored 1970's-era K-5 Blazer and hooked in to the Hot Rod Power Tour.

At this time, the Power Tour was already four days old, having gathered enthusiasts together in Kissimmee and Gainesville, FL stops, as well as in Perry, GA and Columbia, SC. Before the tour was done, it had picked up more than a thousand "long haul" participants - those who had driven more than 1,700 miles. Enthusiast activities were provided at each stop and a popular one was the mobile dynamometer. Jason and Rob had found the dyno event during their Harrisburg, PA stop. As they checked out the posted results from the day, they thought that the numbers showing up weren't particularly high.

It was too late that day for Jason to get in a run, but the dyno would be at Englishtown the next day. With some encouragement from his friend, Jason decided that he would get the Cobra strapped on and measured out. At the end of the day, Jason Roth and his 2004 SVT Cobra were crowned the 2006 Hot Rod Power Tour Dyno Champions.

With all the work he'd had been doing for MACA club members, Jason's time was at a premium. His Dad encouraged him to turn this hobby into a part-time business. Even if he didn't make a lot of money at it, there would be tax deductions available that he didn't have before - just as good as cash from Uncle Sam. After some consideration, Competition Speed and Sound was born. These days, he has another Cobra in the driveway as well, a 2003 Satin Silver model.

Jason and his Competition Orange Cobra have brought home other awards as well from local car shows. That color is simply too difficult to miss and draws spectators from all around its parking place. For the moment, the length of the mods list has dropped to zero. Jason is busy enjoying life and working with other people's Cobras. He knows that he needs to practice his racing skills, with particular emphasis on launch techniques. With some improvement in the 60-foot times, he's confident of seeing elapsed times in the high nine to low 10 second range - and wouldn't that be charming?