Huw Evans
June 1, 2007
Photos By: Francis Butler

Vince has understandably grown quite attached to Green, and so has Christina, in fact she now has a 2005 Mustang that she's been playing with - guess what color it is? Not only that but the Mojzak's have no fewer than seven other Mustangs and a Fox Capri in their possession. "I like these cars," remarks Vince "and I just seem to keep collecting them. They're easy to work on and they make good power - a lot of people still like these cars and they are affordable - it's our passion." Among the stable are an '86 Notch, an '84 G.T. 350, a pair of LX four cylinder cars, another '88 GT T-top car with an automatic and the '85 Capri which Vince describes as his 'baby'. "I have a plan for that," he says. "I'm thinking about putting a 393 Windsor in it." As for Green? "It might get a turbo - I thought about the 393, but that's a lot of cubes in a stick car, there's also that welding underneath. I've learned a lot since I did the fabricating underneath on this car and the roll cage, so it's probably time I got to work on it." So Green remains a work in progress, but one that continues to gain admirers - it won at the Fun Ford Spring Break Shootout in Orlando earlier this year - so people still like the car. And now it appears that Green's charms have been rubbing off on Christina's new Steed. "We took both her car and this one to the NMRA event in Bradenton on March 9-10 2007. It was funny that Green didn't get an award but her '05 did." Ah, but who's got the magazine spread?

The T-Top Option
With the demise of the Mustang convertible after 1973, open air motorists had few options to experience that 'wind in the hair' feeling when it came to Ford's pony car. That changed when Ford introduced removable T-roof panels, so named because the center divider that they mounted was fashioned in a T-configuration. They first appeared as an option on Mustang IIs in 1977 and lasted through 1978. When the Fox car debuted as a 1979 model, the T-roof appeared on the three specially prepped pace cars for the Indianapolis 500 that year, but these were one-offs - production Pace Car replicas and all other Ford Ponys for 1979-80 could only get the removable flip open air roof. Beginning in 1981 Ford reintroduced the option on the Mustang. It was available on both coupes and hatchbacks and regardless of model trim or powertrain. Contracted by Cars and Concepts, the T-roof cars featured unique doors, headliner and weatherstripping. They were an expensive option - even in 1981 at $874, but became quite a popular one, particularly on Mustang GTs from 1982-86. When Ford facelifted the Mustang for 1987 the option continued, however; by that point, with true convertible sales coming on quite strong, and a combination of poor sealing and rattles, along with weight - which had afflicted the T-top option since new, the decision was taken to can it late in 1987, so only a few Mustangs for the 1988 model year actually received it, making such cars (like Vince and Christina's) quite rare today. Interestingly, in its last year, the T-top option retailed for $1800 - the price of a decent used automobile back then.

Vince and Christina Mojzak's 1988 Mustang GT

Ford 5.0-liter V8

Engine Modifications
Ford Racing GT40P heads ported by Nathan Marler; Ferrea intake/exhaust valves; Ford Motorsport 'B' camshaft; Cartech upper intake, Ford Motorsport GT40 lower intake (both ported); Accufab 75mm throttle-body; C&L 80 mm Mass-Air Meter; MAC cold-air intake: K&N air filter; Ford Racing 24 lb/hr injectors; Bosch 190 lph fuel pump; Ford Motorsport fuel pressure regulator; MSD 6AL ignition control box; Duralast battery; Ford Motorsport 9mm ignition wires; Autolite spark plugs; chrome Ford oil pan; Nitrous Oxide Systems 90 hp wet nitrous system with 10 lb bottle: Felpro gaskets; ARP bolts: AFCO radiator; SN95 dual electric fans; Ford Motorsport shorty headers; BBK 2 1/2" cross pipe; Flowmaster 2 1/2" mufflers and tailpipes

Borg-Warner World-Class T-5 five-speed manual gearbox built by Tony Baugh; Valero stock replacement clutch; Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft; 3.55:1 ring and pinion

Suspension And Brakes
TR2 Motorsports lower rear control arms; Ford Motorsport 'B' springs; SN95 11" front disc brakes; SN95 10.25" rear disc brakes

Best ET To Date:
12.20 @ 112 MPH

Subframe connectors, custom W chassis bracing; strut tower brace

ABC 'Cobra' body extensions modified and smoothed; Cobra front and rear fascias; Cobra rear spoiler; Kennan 3" cowl induction fiberglass hood; repainted VW Cyber Green by Rick Farmer

Custom mild-steel 6-point roll cage; 1988 Buick Grand Sport front seats; interior refinished in black, courtesy of Universal upholstery; UPR billet trim pieces; Grant 14' steering wheel; Kicker four 10" subs housed in closer behind rear seat; Alpine AM/FM/CD head unit

Wheels And Tires
Ford 'Bullitt' 17 x 9" five-spoke wheels; BF Goodrich Comp T/A tires 245/45-17 (Drag Radials rear)

Special thanks to Tim Manes and American Autosports, Orlando, FL and to Christina for putting up with so much and keeping up with the action this car brings