Huw Evans
June 1, 2007
Photos By: Francis Butler

Vince And Christina Mojzak's 1988 Mustang GT
Ladies and Gents, say hello to Green. Owned by Christina and Vince Mojzak, Green is a 1988 Mustang GT with factory T-tops. Fairly rare by anybody's standards (estimates peg a few thous-and were built before Ford canned the option early in '88), Green began life in Ohio and was well on its way to the crusher when Vince came across it in a Florida salvage yard. Mojzak, a self-employed electrician is a certifiable car nut who began playing with them when he got his hands on a 1972 Olds Cutlass. With a 455 under the hood, the Olds was, in Vince's words "quite a beast," but then, via friend Tim Manes, Mojzak discovered the 5-liter Mustang. Needless to say things snowballed from there. Mojzak's first foray into the Ford world came via a 1989 LX. "I discovered the true meaning of bolt-on performance with this car. Tim and I found that with just a few simple tricks here and there, this car could keep pace with my Olds and then some." Vince ended up selling that hatch to his friend Kenny Kearce, but the Mustang bug had well and truly bitten him. "I found a 1988 LX four-cylinder T-top car a mechanic was selling. It may have been only a four banger but this thing was mint - it had no stress cracks or rust - nothin'. It was a T-top car which was unusual - they are rare so I was interested in fixing it up." But then, Vince met Christina. "She was a single mother and we just hit it off. She had never had a 'performance' car before, but then she met me." Now at about the time they met, Vince came across another Mustang one day - Green. But it wasn't green then, rather Medium Cabernet. "Here I was, all set to fix up this four cylinder and I found a genuine 5.0 T-top car in the junkyard. The motor was still in the car, but the guys couldn't get it running. Christina and I talked about building this car together so we went halves on it and I brought it home for $1,000." As is often the case, it can be the simplest of things that prevent a car from firing up and as far as this one went, it turned out to be a faulty fuel pump relay. "I replaced it and the motor fired right up." Now while the car might have been running, it needed a lot of work. "It was full of junk when I came across it and it had rust. The floors were gone, the hatch was rusted - it was just a mess. I found an Ohio license plate under all the stuff in the trunk and it turned out that the guy had brought it down to Florida with him. I also found out that, despite having a 'clean' title, the car had received accident damage. I did a bit of investigating and found out that the original Ohio title was marked 'salvage.'

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