Huw Evans
April 1, 2007
Photos By: Tracy Stocker

Over the winter of 2004, McComsey figured out his next plan of action. "One really nice day, toward the end of winter I decided it was time for some motor work - I was going to put a Livernois 5-liter stroker in the car, with Manley rods and forged Mahle pistons." Even with his day job as IT specialist at Livernois and recognition as a blower 'guru' at the shop "the guys would always drag me out from the back when somebody came in with a blower question," it still took quite a lot of time and effort to get the 5-liter stroker V8 completed. "It took about a year and a half to get it all done. It was a question of time and money, plus I was always changing things. I had the heads CNC'd and when we had the shortblock assembly completed and put the motor back together and then in the car, it was already June 2006. I did the fuel system and stuck two Ford GT pumps on, along with a booster. I was one of the first to use the GT pumps. I did a lot of research on returnless fuel systems and found the limit. When building the motor I also decided to upgrade the blower again, and went with Procharger's F1A. With 29 lbs of boost - the car made 781 horsepower and 686 ft-lbs to the tires." So by this stage, Corey had a car with almost 1,000 horsepower to the crank that he could drive every day if he wanted - a far cry from his old '89 LX. "My commute to work is 34 miles each way and last year I used to drive it all the time. It still has stock cams in it. Even the exhaust, JBA headers, Bassani X-type mid-pipe and Dynomax mufflers, is fairly quiet. I've tried to keep it fairly close to stock and although the blower gives it away - it sounds like a chainsaw - there isn't too much else. I run Verde 17-inch stock style rims on it and even the boost and air/fuel gauges for the blower are tucked down and out of the way. It basically looks like a stock Mach with a blower and wide rear tires (the backs are 315s)." But still, McComsey has surprised more than a few people. "Guys will try it but so far I've never lost a race. It's been fun. One year, coming back from World Ford Challenge 8 in St. Louis, I was eating Cobras left right and center." Small wonder McComsey's plate reads MONGOSE! However as much fun as he's had, the Mach, as we go to press is currently getting some more engine work. "The engine is out right now - it broke a cam bolt but otherwise it's mint inside. It was setup to run 22-23 lbs of boost and I was pushing 29 out of the blower, but now, I'm going to put a different piston in it to handle the higher boost - with a smaller pulley I think I can get at least another 5-6 lbs out of it which will be good for another 100 hp to the tires." So that's where things are at. But, before our conversation ended, Corey mentioned that he's selling the Mach. "I know, I've come all this way, havea 1,000 horsepower car I can drive on the street, but you know what? Everything's for sale. I'm married now, got a wife and two kids - my wife likes my hobby, but even she's a bit fed up with the amount of money I've spent on these cars that break all the time. I'll get another car down the road, but once the spring hits, I'll think about selling this one." However, before he does, there's one more thing still left to do. "I'm going to take it to the track and this car is going to damn well run 9s on 17-inch drag radials!" There's no argument from us on that one.

Corey McComsey's 2003 Mustang Mach 1

Livernois 5.0 liter DOHC 'stroker' V8

Engine Modifications
Kellogg forged 4340 steel crankshaft, crank balancing, polishing and prep by Livernois Motorsports, Manley 4340 forged steel connecting rods, Mahle forged aluminum dish-top pistons, Livernois Motorsports' valve springs, CNC ported cylinder heads, Ford Cobra fuel tank, dual GT fuel pumps; Procharger F1A supercharger, intercooler; JBA headers, Bassani 2.5" intermediate exhaust pipe, Dynomax 2.5" mufflers, ARP main bolts, head studs

Lentech 4R70W 4-speed automatic transmission, P.I. 9" torque converter, 4000 rpm stall, Trans Brake, Ford Racing differential, Moser Engineering 31-spline axle shafts

Gas cap

Auto Meter boost gauge, Innovative Motorsports air/fuel ratio gauge

Ford Racing C-springs

Wheels And Tires
(f) Verde 17 x 9" with Nitto 275/45-17 tires (r) Verde 17 x 10.5" rear, with Nitto 315/35-17 tires

781 RWHP, 686 RWTQ *Best ET cc: 10.94 @ 125 mph *On stock 4.6 engine before motor work