Huw Evans
April 1, 2007
Photos By: Tracy Stocker

However, towards the end of his tenure with the '89, McComsey purchased a red 1992 LX for a daily driver. "It was my second red hatchback. I bought that one from my buddy who'd pulled it apart. I put it back together and even took it racing in NMRA Factory Stock. My claim to fame is knocking out number two qualifier Robin Lawrence at the tree during a race at Mid-Michigan Motorplex." However, like his previous red Mustang, this one also got stolen and wasn't recovered." However McComsey wasn't without a steed, having a purple 1996 GT with a Vortech supercharger, motor work and a Tremec TKO to play with. "That was actually a pretty neat car. The last year I had it I drove it every day, even in the winter. Put a set of snow tires on it and off she went - that car never got stuck." In July 2002 however, Corey decided to step up and purchase his first brand new Mustang - the car you see here. "I was initially considering a Cobra, but then the Mach 1 was coming out. It had a four valve engine with a solid rear axle and you could get an automatic trans - I liked that." On March 3rd 2003, McComsey took delivery. Now you're probably thinking that buying yet another red Mustang might turn out to be a bad omen, but up to this point, things seem to have worked out rather well (and we're not about to discuss anything else relating to red Mustangs and theft). "My first goal with this car" relates Corey, "was to put a blower on it and go beat up on supercharged Cobras - they're everywhere around here, but a Mach 1, you see maybe one or two a month." So that was the plan. However, as plans often do things changed. "I was on my mission to make more power than a stock 2003-04 Cobra, when a friend of mine, Mike Wesley, then working at ATI Procharger in Kansas asked me if I'd be interested in coming down there and using my car as a demonstrator for their new blower. I just couldn't pass it up." So Corey drove to Kansas and the car took up residence at Procharger for approximately five weeks. "I picked it up with the blower installed - the sweet deal was, I got to keep the supercharger. My Mach 1 now made about 450 to the tires - I drove it for a year and tried getting it in the 10s. One day I decided to put in a higher stall converter than stock, but ended up blowing the trans. So I ended up pulling it out, getting it rebuilt by Lentech Automatics and had a 4000 rpm stall converter and trans brake added. After that it went 11.60 at the dragstrip but I knew I wanted more." By this stage Corey had been getting a lot of interest about his Procharger fed Mach on the message boards and the folks at Accessible Technologies were intrigued - enough that a plan was made for McComsey to upgrade this blower to a D1. "These guys were great - they did the upgrade for free." With the blower installed, it was back home and back to Mid-Michigan for some more dragstrip action. And this time, Corey did something. "With the D1, the car went a 10.96 a 124 mph - I was really happy about that - my car became the first automatic Mach 1 documented in the 10s with a stock shortblock - that was a great day."

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