Huw Evans
April 1, 2007
Photos By: Tracy Stocker

Corey Mccomsey’s 2003 Mustang Mach I
From glancing through the specs on this feature you'd probably find it hard to believe there was a time when Corey McComsey wasn't into cars. But there was. "Up until I was about 16-1/2 I wasn't that interested in cars." One day however, that all changed and yes, a Mustang had something to do with it. "One day, a buddy of my dad's pulled up to the house in a souped 1964-1/2 coupe. He tossed me the keys and said 'go for a drive.' My life hasn't been the same since." This was back in Corey's high school years and after driving the classic Pony, he need something a little more than the average grocery getter to tool around in. "I got my first Mustang in my junior year of high school. It was a red 1984 GT hatchback." Corey did a bit of work to it, namely swapping the single exhaust for true duals, but his time with his first steed was checkered. "It got stolen twice. The first time it was joy riders and I got the car back, but the second time it was never recovered." With the insurance money, Corey purchased a motorcycle and a little Ford Escort, but it just wasn't the same. "After owning a Mustang I just couldn't go back to a slow car." So he went out and bought himself a 1988 LX coupe. "This car was in really nice shape, it was midnight blue and I really liked the color. The only problem was that it was an automatic. I put 4.10 gears in it, but after a year decided to sell it, I just couldn't really deal with the automatic." By this stage, Corey was now out of high school and had some disposable income, so he set about finding the 'perfect' Mustang, in his case a clean coupe with a five-speed. "I eventually found one. I don't know why, but it was tough to find clean five-speed coupes in my area, but I came across this white '89 and bought it. And that was where all the trouble started." Corey's '89 went through more driveline combinations than stripes on a Zebra. "Every combination and every Vortech blower you could think of, that car had it. My '89 went from daily driver to street/strip to dedicated strip car. In the end it just got too expensive. It was running 8.60s at 160 mph and was making 1,000 hp to the tires, but I was just breaking parts all the time - everything you could break I destroyed twice on that car."

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