Don Roy
April 1, 2007
Photos By: Brad Bowling

Moving Ahead
While Chris likes power in his Mustang, he also knows that being able to control it is not overrated. He has paid due attention to the suspension and structure of the car so that it will hold up well. A Wild Rides 6-point roll cage adds to the chassis and safety priorities, while HPM Megabite Jr. lower control arms and UPR double adjustable uppers help to keep the rear axle where it should be. The original front and rear binders have been replaced by 1998 Cobra brakes for more stopping power. A set of Steeda Sport springs were used to drop the car for an improved stance and the Tokico four-way adjustable shock absorbers and struts can be used to dial in the desired handling and ride qualities, along with the Steeda front sway bar. Also helping to keep the shiny side up are a set of SSR wheels, 17 x 8-inches up front and 17 x 9-inches out back, shod with 245/45-17 Nitto 555 radials for steering and 275/40-17 555R drag radials at the stern.

When he first bought this LX, it was green on the outside and grey on the inside. With more than 100,000 miles on the clock, Chris decided that it was time for a change. Another visit to Fastlane Motorsports resulted in a plan that included a Cervini's 3-inch cowl hood replacement and a respray in the Iris Blue you see in our photos. As well, the interior was going to see an extreme makeover. Rather than continue taking checks from Chris, Melvin Skinner suggested that Chris work on dyeing the interior fabrics. Several nights of participation ensued and you can see that the results are great.

An Auto Meter Pro Comp replacement instrument cluster started the remake of the dashboard and ensured that visual harmony would be maintained as the rest of the gauges were installed. Additional electronics included an Alpine head unit and V12 amplifier, for delivering the best in tunes. Infinity speakers replaced all of the originals to ensure total fidelity. Then, all of the interior plastic panels were sprayed in Dupont interior vinyl paint. The cloth Recaro front seats were used as a pattern for the folks at Fastlane to build a rear seat replacement using matching fabric and stitching. A Grant leather steering wheel provides the finishing touch on an interior that we're sure you'll agree is both spectacular and fully functional.

Fine tuning of the engine work is enabled by a complete FAST engine management system. Caleb Skinner at Fastlane did the tuning and when using 100-octane go juice, the mighty mill rewarded them with 662 RWHP and 495 RWTQ outputs. Feeling rather like a second son to Melvin Skinner these days, Chris told us "I've known the Skinners for years and I would not have anyone else take care of my car." The end result was worth the two years required in completely remodelling every aspect of this Fox beauty. Chris said that he invested every spare penny he had to do it right the first time around.

As Chris looks to the future, his new wife and upcoming baby are going to have an impact, so it's probably good that the Mustang's reconstruction is now complete. While it may be time to move on, Chris knows that these new influences in his life are going to be keepers as well.