Huw Evans
April 1, 2007
Photos By: Tracy Stocker

It took about four years in total, from start to finish, to complete the transformation. And once the car was running and driving, people started taking notice, in a big way. "My brother and I go to New England Dragway about three times a year, but I try and drive my '79 on the street as often as I can. My best run at the track to date is a 12.42 @ 110.08 miles per hour which it did in October 2005. From the outset my goal was to have a 12-second car like my brother." Mission accomplished on that front then.

Besides track times, Pete's Cobra has been turning heads across the North East and bagging trophies like a spinster collects stray cats. "We like to go to car shows besides cruising and racing. At the first show I took it to, the Mustangs Unlimited show in Manchester, CT I got second place - they organized another one a couple months later in June and I won best 1974-93 Mustang at that one - it was a great feeling that all the hard work putting the car together had really paid off - it was truly worth it." From there, the Cobra garnered more awards, including a first place at a Mustang Car Club of New England show in Brockton, MA in the fall of '04. The following year, the yellow 'n' black hatch garnered three first place awards at shows, one at Mustangs Unlimited, one at the Tasca Ford show in Cranston, RI and another at Rodman Ford in Foxboro, MA - hometown to the New England Patriots football team. "I really have to thank my brother Paul, because without him, I would not have this car - he's largely responsible for all three of our cars, his '85 my '79 and our cousin's SVO." And, as far as Pete is concerned, he isn't planning to sell the '79 anytime soon. "This car is unique, I like that. You just don't seem them and to date I haven't come across another one - I've only found pictures of them - they are rare Mustangs and it's great when you get recognized for having something different." But as great as that is, Pete still has something he's looking to do with the car. "My brother has now built a stroker motor for his car, so once this one goes south, I think I'll be following that same path." Ah, sibling rivalry. When it comes to Mustangs, you gotta love it.