Don Roy
January 1, 2007
Photos By: Tracy Stocker

One of the keys to achieving consistent straight line performance lies in keeping the driver as focused on driving as possible. To help make this happen, Dale had ordered a race-grade C4 automatic transmission from JW Performance in Rockledge, FL. The tranny came equipped with a trans-brake, steel flex plate and 3600-rpm stall torque converter.

A new three-inch driveshaft had to be made up for the driveline, so an 8.8" axle was also readied, with a Moser 33-spline spool and axle shafts. Suspension and body supplements were also going to be a big part of making this car go faster. A QA1 tubular K-member replaced the original engine and suspension hanger. A front coilover conversion was set in place, along with QA1 struts. Steeda supplied adjustable upper control arms for the stern along with billet aluminum lowers, supplemented with Lakewood 50/50 shocks. Classic Weld Drag Lite big 'n' little wheels adorn the corners of the evolving Pony, with American Tire skins all around.

Corbeau supplied the seats and four-point restraints for inside the car, while Auto Meter looked after the IT side of things. Their five-inch monster tach dominates the interior view, while boost and air/fuel gauges deliver the 411 to show that things are staying healthy. Hooker delivered the four-point roll cage that was going to be needed if Dale delivered on his promises.

When it came time to verify the results of their work, a portable Dynojet dynamometer was flagged to stop by. Topping up the gas tank with 110 octane gas and making sure that the dual ten-pound bottles were full, the storming V6 punched out 598 WHP along with 557 lb-ft, Those incredible V6 numbers were delivered with the air fuel ratio sitting at 12, while the boost gauge would show 21 pounds of combustion assistance. When Ronnie took the car to Rockingham Dragway, he managed to turn in a more-than-respectable run of 10.44 @ 126 mph, In the short version, the newly minted monster was now turning 6.5 second runs and that put an end to the smack talk, for sure.

Looking back, or when people ask Ronnie why he did all this with a V6 engine, he gives them his most honest explanation. "I don't have a good answer, it just started out that way. If I knew I was going to have so much money in it at first, I might have decided to build the V8." And that, my friends, is exactly what a slippery slope is all about. Still, Ronnie is sanguine about his project. "I think the car gets a lot more looks and attention, being a V6." We'd have to agree.


Ronnie Furr's 2000 Mustang V6
3.8-liter V6

Engine Modifications
Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe cylinder heads, crankshaft, lower intake manifold; Carillo connecting rods; CP flat top pistons; Crower custom ground camshaft, double coil valve springs, retainers; Crane hydraulic roller lifters; Comp Cams 1.6-ratio rocker arms; Ferrea 2.02" intake and 1.60" exhaust valves; Engine block bored .030" over, decked and line honed; Cylinder head bowls reshaped and resized to lower compression; Accufab throttle body; Anderson Ford Motorsports Power Pipe; Siemans Deka 83 lb/hr fuel injectors; Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter; Vortech T-trim supercharger, with Mondo Igloo intercooler and modified upper intake manifold, race bypass valve; MAC long tube headers; Flowmaster 2.5" mufflers; NOS 50-shot fogger system, plus 100-shot direct port injection system, dual 10 lb. bottles; Tec3 Direct Fire ignition coils, ignition control box; NGK spark plugs; MSD 8.5mm ignition wires; ARP mains bolts and head studs

JW Performance-built Ford C-4 automatic transmission, including trans brake, steel flex plate and 10", 3600 rpm stall torque converter; Ford 8.8" rear axle; Custom built 3" driveshaft; Moser 33-spline spool

598 RWHP, 557 RWTQ
Best Et To Date: 10.40 @ 126 mph * @21 lbs boost (no nitrous)

Roush Performance body kit, including side skirts, rear spoiler

Hooker 4-point roll bar; Corbeau seats, 4-point seat belts

Optima battery, relocated to trunk; QA1 front K-member

QA1 adjustable front coilover springs and struts; Lakewood 50/50 rear shock absorbers; Steeda adjustable upper control arms, aluminum lower control arms, rear anti-roll bar

Wheels And Tires
Weld Racing Drag Lite wheels, 15 x 3" front, 15 x 10" rear; American Tire 165R15 front, 275/60-15 rear

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