Huw Evans
January 1, 2007
Photos By: Tracy Stocker

And how much exactly? Well running on 93 octane pump fuel and set at just 9 psi boost, Wilmot has this thing cranking out 480 horsepower to the wheels and 465 lb/ft of torque - all on a 9.85:1 compression. Of course Lightning 42 lb/hr injectors and a Walbro 255 lph electric fuel pump help make it all possible, as does a ported stock Cobra intake manifold with shortened runners. Larry installed NGK TR6 sparkplugs, Ford Racing 9mm wires and fills the engine with Royal Purple 5W30 synthetic. Because performance and driveability were key ingredients with his project from the beginning, Wilmot decided to replace the stock T-45 gearbox with a T-56-six-speeder from the Walsh's at D&D Performance in nearby Wixom. With a Ford Racing heavy-duty clutch and Dyno Tech 4-inch aluminum driveshaft, Larry has a good strong driveline to get the power to the ground. With all this stuff you'd probably think this car is a bit of a monster on the street. "Not really" says, Wilmot. "I recently fabricated and put a full three-inch exhaust on the car - the whole way. It's bigger than stock, but I'm amazed how quiet it is. One day I pulled up to a stoplight. I was waiting and waiting. My mind went somewhere else for an instant. When I focused back onto the task of driving I thought the car had stalled. I then looked down at the tach and realized it was still running! I'm telling you, my wife's minivan is louder than this thing at idle!"

Although the big upgrades are mostly mechanical, Wilmot has added a few subtle touches here and there. "You might notice the blue cam covers," he notes. "I was at Roush during the [Ford GT] development process and noticed the blue cam covers they were making for it, so it got me thinking. I decided to have the ones on my Cobra powdercoated blue - I also got the Cobra emblem on my upper intake color matched as well." A nice subtle touch we say. But there's more. "I've got an Autometer Phantom air/fuel and boost gauge for the turbo, but I didn't want to attract attention, so I have them mounted low down." And before we sign off, have a close look at the steering wheel and the parking brake handle. "It was kind of another custom touch. I work with steering wheels and interior components a lot at my job - I thought the yellow stitching would set off the black well. It's subtle but it's just another little thing." As to asking him where he got the yellow stitching - "it's off the 1998 Chevy Corvette Indy Pace Car replica - the purple one with yellow wheels and interior bits." So interior stitching and the inspiration to build a blown Pony street sleeper. At least GM's good for something once in a while.

Special thanks to my dad for finding the car and storing it while I was overseas and Anderson Lowrie for the help and inspiration building my car. Also, a special thanks to Lidio Iacobelli of Alternative Auto and Greg Banish of Detroit Speedworks for the tuning and parts selection help.

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