Don Roy
July 30, 2010
Photos By: James Pickett

Driveline Surgery
The stock T-5 gearbox was replaced with a Tremec 3550 to handle more torque. That torque was going to come from another round of engine upgrades that moved the mill into the 496 RWHP, 437 RWTQ world. As it sits right now, "The White Car" sports a DSS-modified iron block that was bored out to 306 cubic inches. Added to that are a Cam Motion bumpstick, Edelbrockcylinder heads, a Holley Systemax intake and 42-pound injectors. On top of that hardware proudly sits an ATI Procharger D1SC supercharger, drawing its air through a 3-core intercooler.

Elsewhere under the hood, you'll find a basket of other go-fast goodies, including an MSD 6AL spark controller, NGK plugs and Ford Racing's 9mm silicone-insulated plug wires. A Flex-a-Lite fan helps everyone keep their cool on hot days. When the combustion process is complete, the by-products are evacuated through a set of BBK long tube headers and their H-pipe. A pair of Spintech 2.5-inch mufflers lend their distinctive growl to this car when it heads down the street.

While many things have been changed, the car's South Side Machine Megabite Jr. rear control arms are still in place. Much of the rest of the suspension, though, has been beaten with the upgrade stick. An Anthony JonesEngineering tubular K-member and coilover conversion now sits proudly at the front end of the chassis, along with Lakewood 90/10 struts. Along with the new Tremec gearbox came a Steeda Tri-Ax shifter and the back end inherited an Auburn ProGear differential for the final stage of power transmission.

Already Extreme
Clearly, Alex leans more toward the straight line frenzy. The current rolling stock reflects that bias as well. In the classic big 'n' little configuration, the car sports Centerline Telstar rims and Mickey Thompson tires. The rollers out back are 26 x 11.5-inch classics. The overall result is something that Alex is certainly pleased with. "This car is so much fun to drive, thanks to Nick at MC Racing in Merriam, KS. It's so friendly around town, doesn't buck or idle funny. It's just like a stock car with more power."

Now, you might think that having almost 500 ponies on tap is pretty ambitious for a street car, but Alex isn't of the same mind. "Street car, road car, drag car, daily driver. I didn't ever really have a goal for the car. That's why it's been through so many stages. I think that if I did have a goal for it to begin with, I would have executed and gone even more extreme." He intends to get back to the track this year to see what this new setup can do. "Now that it makes 180 more ponies and has less weight in the chassis, plus the cage and the Tremec? Who knows what it's going to do. I have no predictions for the car," Alex told us.

Well, we've got some predictions and we're not afraid to share them. First, Alex is going to plunge into the 11s without breaking a sweat. Second, he's going to continue to have fun wherever he drives it. Lastly, other cars will continue to come and go through Alex's life, but this one will just keep on going ... faster.

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