Huw Evans
December 1, 2006
Photos By: Francis Butler

Although Robert is clearly happy with his new steed, he'd still like to see the IHRA bump up their racing schedule. "It would be great to see more races on the calendar again. Currently the series run about 11-12 races, we'll have 11 in total this year. I'd like to see a full season with about 15 races as I think some of them now are a little too spread out. A few more events might make it tough for some of the smaller guys running in Sportsman but I think it would be great to see that kind of calendar - Fords are dominant in IHRA Pro Stock and the motors work so well that even GM engines are based on the original Ford design, in order to try and make the series more competitive. Not long ago, the Shotgun Mountain Motor Fords simply walked over the competition, but having the other guys use some of that technology is bringing racers back to the series - guys like Rickie Smith who used to run Fords - he's now coming back with a GM engine. Rickie's a really good racer and it's good to see him back in the series. IHRA rules still require the GM teams to run completely different heads, but still it's nice to see it become more of a level playing field - having guys like Rickie around can only serve to make our sport better." But even though IHRA Pro Stock is clearly where Robert feels at home, he'll still likely be found at FFW or WFC from time to time. "I like running those events - it's different. There are some of the same guys who run in IHRA that show up and some other guys who don't but are really, really fast." So whether its in IHRA or FFW, as far as Robert Patrick is concerned, being behind the wheel of a Mountain Motor Pro car clear makes for Fun Ford Racing.

The Fox Super Stocker
It would probably be fair to see that this here car had a lot do with Eli and Robert getting back into the Pro drag scene during the 1980s. And our very own Francis Butler, then Associate Editor at the former Super Stock Magazine, remembers this car from the day it was picked up. "It was a 1984 1/2 Mustang GT project car that we got directly from Ford. We picked it up in Michigan and drove it down to Maryland and straight to Dick Estevez's shop. Dick tore it down, gutted it and it became a dedicated race car. Dickie put a front end on it and we liveried it up with a Super Stock paint scheme, courtesy of Brando and would test parts on it and take to meets. Dick drove it mostly but Dyno Don [Nicholson] got behind the wheel a few times - it was a lot of fun that thing." Now the car was eventually sold on, and it was from that person that Eli and Robert Patrick got their hands on it. Dick had been a big part of getting Eli back into drag racing and built his 1984 Cougar Super Gas car, so it almost seemed fate when the Patricks got their hands on it. "We got the car and Dick was a big part in getting us back racing, so we told the guys at Super Stock that we would keep their paint scheme," relates Robert. The car had a worked 302 with Roush prepped heads and intake among other things, but it ultimately became a 500 cubic inch powered wedge monster. "We ultimately changed the paint scheme to all white," remembers Robert "but to this day I remember what a neat car it was. It went 9.20s but it had power door locks and windows. We hadn't run anything like it before - that was a neat car - it weighed around 3,000 lbs and those speeds were a big deal back then."