Huw Evans
December 1, 2006
Photos By: Jason Siu

So although the car is still in the process of being put back together as your editor types these very words, it won't be long before it's back in action. "Although I like taking it to the track, its primary role is still a very fast street car - it has a full interior, full exhaust and all stock body panels except the three inch Harwood cowl hood. It doesn't attract too much attention and I like it that way. "I can cruise on the highway all day long, thanks to the overdrive, but when I want to get on it and go - it just pulls like a freight train - all the way." And unlike some people out there, Rios isn't kidding when he says so, after all he's got the numbers to prove it. Not bad for a mega street beast that was built in his spare time and largely by his own hand. "Well if I'm being honest I should thank Jaime Vorhees and, my friend Armon Javadi from X2C motorsports who helped a lot with the turbo installation," chuckles Rios, and of course, don't forget my girlfriend Nancy. She helped me out a lot, wrenching and tightening bolts - she'd come over and hang out with me and keep me company." Sounds like Eddie's not only got a fantastic Mustang but a fantastic woman as well. We should all be so lucky.

Eddie Rios' 2000 Mustang GT/Cobra

Ford 4.6-liter DOHC V8

Engine Modifications
Manley forged connecting rods; Fel-Pro head gaskets; ARP mains bolts and head studs; Comp Cams valve springs and retainers; Accufab single blade throttle body; Dual Walbro 255 lph fuel pumps; Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter; Garrett GT 42 76 turbocharger; Fabtech exhaust manifold and 3.5" downpipe; Tial 44mm external wastegate; Borla 3" mufflers; Spearco Air-to-air intercooler; Turbonetics' Godzilla Blow Off Valve

Lentech 4R70W automatic transmission with 2700 rpm Stall, 10" torque converter; PA Automatics flex plate; Ford Racing 3.55 rear gears; Eaton 31-spline differential; Strange Engineering 31-spline axle shafts, C-clip eliminators

787 RWHP, 875 RWTQ @ 26 psi

Interior / Exterior
Eddie Rios' 2000 Mustang GT/Cobra

B&M Hammer shifter; Custom aluminum driveshaft

2003 Cobra front and rear bumper covers, rear spoiler, side skirts; Harwood 3.5" cowl hood

2003 Cobra seats and other interior components; E-Boost boost controller; AEM Wideband O2 monitor; Auto Meter fuel pressure and transmission temperature gauges

Maximum Motorsports 6-point roll cage; X2C Motorsports adjustable upper control arms, rear coilover conversion; D+D rear sway bar; Anthony Jones Engineering front K-member; D+D front coilover conversion; Lakewood 90/10 front and 50/50 rear dampers

Wheels And Tires
Bogart D-10 wheels, 15" x 3.5" front, 15" x 10.25" rear; Pep Boys 165/50-15 street front tires; Mickey Thompson 325/50-15 drag radials at rear.