Huw Evans
December 1, 2006
Photos By: Tracy Stocker

Budget it may have been, but the effort and ingenuity to be found under that gray sheetmetal is hardly what most of us think of when it comes to a budget build. There's still the stock 2.3 liter four-banger under the hood, cast-iron head and all, but beneath that top cover is a Ford Motorsport A-237 camshaft, Ferrea intake and exhaust valves (1.59s and 1.89s respectively), plus you'll find a modified 60mm 1994 Mustang GT throttle body bolted up to the stock intake. Paruleski still runs the stock 35 lb injectors (all four of them), but there's a Walbro 255 lph pump that feeds the juice up from the stock tank up to the rail. The real fun stuff however concerns forced induction. Being an SVO, the '86 naturally still gets its kick from a turbocharger, but in this case, a T3/T4 hybrid, built by Reed at Turbo Specialities in Birmingham, AL. "It's nothin' special," exclaims Mike, "but let's just say Reed is the master at shoving five gallons of anything into a one gallon bucket." Naturally this beast is still intercooled, but all Mike will say is that it's "homebrew stuff. I know the [intercooler] piping is 2.3-inches but couldn't tell ya about the intercooler itself - never measured it."

The World Class T-5 five-speed is a stock Ford unit, complete with stock gearing, but Paruleski has fitted a S.P.E.C. Stage 3 clutch and flywheel for a little edge in the durability department. However, probably the real treat on this car; concerns the rear end. In place of a 7.5-inch axle, damped by Konis, you'll find a complete 2003 Cobra independent rear suspension - all largely stock hardware, including the stock rear brakes, but there are Kenny Brown bits here and there, along with Eibach 2003-04 Cobra springs. Up front Mike has retained most of the original SVO hardware and even installed red Konis, but there are also Eibach springs, Kenny Brown caster camber plates and K-B subframe connectors to stiffen up the Fox unibody.

You can have all the best suspension hardware in the world, but it ain't no good unless your car is connected to the asphalt with some decent rubber. Paruleski got that licked with some Nitto NT 555s - 235/35-17s at all four corners. Those 'flashy' rims they're mounted on, are Weds Sport SA-90s - 17 x 8-inchers. And that, ladies and gentleman more or less rounds out the mods on this puppy - oh, maybe we should mention the H.O Fibertrends hood, and the full complement of Autometer gauges inside the cabin (fuel, oil, boost, vacuum and coolant temperature) but then that's it - done.

Paruleski says he doesn't know how much time he has into the car apart from "a lot" and when it come to funds he says, "apart from the hood and the wheels and tires, there wasn't a whole lot of cash forked out to build this car, if you know what I mean."