Don Roy
November 1, 2006
Photos By: Jerry Heasley

MAC rear control arms, upper and lower; SVT Cobra rear sway bar; KYB 5-way adjustable struts and shock absorbers; Ford Motorsport progressive rate springs; BBK caster/camber plates; Offset steering rack bushings, poly sway bar end link bushings

Wheels And Tires
Centerline Star 16 x 8-inch wheels with Dunlop 245/45R16 XP8000 radial tires

Over the years, Brian and his 'Baby' have developed a special bond. "I know when friends or family call, I normally would say 'I'm working on my car' and that's the truth... but it's not just that. The car acts as a getaway for me from the stresses in life and just eases my mind when I upgrade or replace something." In search of more power, those upgrades also included a set of BBK equal length, shorty headers coupled to their catted X-pipe, which then feeds into Baby's signature Flowmaster Series 40 mufflers. When you go through the list of modifications to the car, you might think that Brian has had a lot of stress in his life. Even if that's the case, it hasn't clouded his mind about what his Baby needs.

Permanent Bond
The classic lines of this car have only been slightly modified by the addition of a Saleen rear wing. Changes inside only reflect those critical to ensuring proper operation and the continued health of their venture. A pair of Auto Meter gauges, monitoring fuel and boost pressure, are the only notable changes from how the GT's interior looked when it rolled out of Dearborn. During one period in its life, there was a host of Alpine stereo equipment installed, including a head unit, equalizer, disc changer and epicenter. See, Brian was working at a local stereo installer at the time. Boston Acoustics speakers and Stillwater subwoofers did the job pumping out the results, but all that had to change. "Once the engine began getting louder than the stereo, I removed all the audio and stuffed a Kenwood CD player in the dash." Sounds like Brian's got his priorities right.

One of those priorities - and something that many in search of big power forget about - is suspension work. Stance is something important that defines the visual appeal of a modified car and this Baby has it in spades. In part, that's due to a set of Ford Motorsport variable rate springs and the Center Line Star rims that grace all four corners. KYB 5-way adjustable dampers all around and MAC upper and lower control arms out back help to make sure this Baby doesn't lose it's cool when things get bumpy.

To keep the power heading where it should, there is an upgraded T-5 manual transmission in place, courtesy of Pistole's Transmission in Austin, as well as an aluminum driveshaft and 3.73 rear axle gears obtained through Ford Motorsports. A Stage III clutch from S.P.E.C. handles the responsibility of connecting it all at the right time. Brian has done a lot of the work himself - even yanking the engine in his driveway a few times, including twice in one three-week period. Still, the development of his automotive skills didn't only come from reading books. Brian is an active member of Austin Area Stangs, where he is able to share his enthusiasm for all things Mustang. He is often able to help out other members with his current GMC Duramax Diesel pickup, towing or helping move bulky pieces. He sometimes is able to get help from them as well, for example, when he'd reached the end of his rope in tuning the engine.