Huw Evans
November 1, 2006
Photos By: Tracy Stocker

What Is An ASC Mclaren?
In a nutshell, this: An engineer by the name of Peter Muscat had a wife who worked at Ford Motor Company in the early 1980s. She drove a Mercedes-Benz SL at the time so it was a touchy issue. Muscat figured that his wife could still drive a quality convertible, but with Ford emblems on the nose and tail, so he purchased a Mustang notchback and modified into a two-seat convertible - a la M-B SL. An enterprising soul, he decided to show it to top brass at Ford. They loved the idea and the execution, but this was about 1982 and the time was a bit off, because FoMoCo had already contracted Cars and Concepts to build four-seater Mustang ragtops beginning for '83. However, all was not lost. Kissin' cousin to the Mustang, the Mercury Capri, didn't have a drop top offering, so Muscat was able to contract with Ford and the American Sunroof Corporation to build a small number of Capri Convertibles. To make them even more exclusive these cars were gussied up with suspension hardware, wheels, tires and ground effects courtesy of McLaren (part of the same gand that were winning a lot in Formula One at the time). When Capri production ended in 1986, the ASC McLarens switched to the Mustang itself, being modifed from regular LX notchbacks and turned into two-seater convertibles.

Richard Spradling's 1988 ASC McLaren Mustang

DSS 306 V8

Engine Modifications
DSS shortblock assembly, with forged internals and flat top pistons; Crower custom ground camshaft; Edelbrock Performer aluminum cylinder heads, ported and flowed by Custom Performance, Concord, NC; Edelbrock upper and lower intake assembly; Accufab 75mm throttle body; Ford Racing 36 lb/hr injectors; BBK 255 lph electric fuel pump; Powerdyne Supercharger, set at 7 lbs of boost; MSD 6AL ignition control box; Ford Racing 8.5mm ignition wires; Canton 7-quart oil pan; ARP bolts; Fel-Pro gaskets; MAC 1 5/8" shortie headers; Bassani 2 1/2" X-pipe, Bassani 2 1/2" catback exhaust system

Borg-Warner 'World Class' T-5, 5-speed transmission; Ford Racing King Cobra 10.5" clutch

Richard Spradling's 1988 ASC McLaren Mustang

Custom Performance subframe connectors

Autometer 2 1/16" boost and air/fuel gauges

Resprayed silver metallic by Speedway Paint, Concord, NC

Steeda adjustable rear control arms; Tokico 5-way adjustable shocks; Eibach Pro lowering springs; Baer 13" front disc brakes; Baer 12" rear disc brakes

Wheels And Tires
ROH 17x8" wheels (front) ROH 17x9" wheels rear with 235/40R17 Firestone Snypers (front); 275/40R17 Firestone Snypers (rear)

425 RWHP, 416 RWTQ (with original 302 engine and supercharger)