Don Roy
October 1, 2006
Photos By: Francis Butler

Pipeline chores are handled by an SVT Focus 255 lph pump fuel pump and a Kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Responsibility for lighting the fire falls to the combination of an Accel dual ignition coil, Taylor 10.4mm race wires and NGK spark plugs. Getting most of the pieces in place and playing nice together has been orchestrated by Jake LaMotta, of LaMotta Performance in Longwood, FL. Electronic aids to help out with this chore include a Superchips custom chip, MSD rev limiter and a window switch to tame the nitrous bottle.

Some people prefer a stealthy look, but that's a pretty big challenge to take on when you're Chrome Yellow. Rather than hide it, the Kennedy's prefer to celebrate it. On the outside, the car is changed only slightly by a set of side scoops and a Steeda race wing at the rear. The hood's aggressive contours are highlighted by a set of custom vinyl appliques from Bob White Decals in West Palm Beach, FL. Meanwhile, there's a good helping of new stuff going on inside the car.

The Cobra's headrests have been embroidered and a custom dash mat leaves no doubt as to whose 'vert this actually is. An APC carbon fiber trim kit adds further distinction inside, coordinating with the carbon fiber shift knob. Auto Meter fuel pressure and air/fuel ratio gauges, nestled on the A-pillar, supply critical information when the driver kicks in the NOS system. Maintaining a cruiser look is consistent with Florida's amenable weather and that responsibility falls to a Saleen light bar and a set of two-piece tonneau covers from Classic Design Concepts.

Now that her car isn't a regular celebrity, except in these pages, Karen has more opportunity to use it and accumulate mileage. That particular fact has her husband planning for the future. Once sufficient miles have been piled on the Cobra, John thinks that a built shortblock will be a worthwhile investment... particularly if the blower he's thinking about comes to fruition. Certainly, if John put it to a family vote, there's no doubt of a majority result.

In the meantime, he and the boys have plenty of other Mustang matters to attend to.

There's no Mickey Mouse work going on here, because anytime your driveway looks as good as the local cruise-in, it's a family affair. Let's see Disney top that experience!

1998:Last Year For The 'Aero' Cars
In The 1998 Model Year, the Cobra appeared rather similar to the GT and V6 models. Features that did distinguish the Cobra included a distinct front bumper, round fog lights, snake fender emblems and a raised hood to make room for the intake. Larger 13-inch front brakes and 11-inch rears gave the Cobra braking capacity equal to its launching prowess. The 1998 Cobras also received new wheels to help stand out from the other models. With ratings of 305 HP @ 5800 rpm and 300 lb-ft of torque @ 4800 rpm, the Cobra was factory-capable of 13.99 second quarter mile trips, with a trap speed of 101.6 mph. Despite weighing in at 3581 pounds, the car was also rated at a respectable 26 mpg highway fuel consumption. The following year would see the Cobra evolve dramatically into the 'New Edge' exterior styling and delivering improved road manners with its new independent rear suspension.

SVT was publicly launched in February of 1992 with an overall goal of reaching automobile enthusiasts while simultaneously 'polishing the Ford oval.' To do this, Ford brought together a small group of engineers, product planners and marketing professionals to create low-volume, factory-built performance vehicles. Since the debut, in 1993, of the SVT Mustang Cobra, the performance group has delivered several distinct versions of the Cobra, Cobra R and other Ford vehicles.