Huw Evans
October 1, 2006
Photos By: Jerry Heasley

Southern Comfort Part 3
C had Fisher's experience with cars has been varied to say the least. Over the years he's driven all kinds of four-wheeled power devices, from Nissan Pulsars and Toyota Celicas, to Mazda RX-7's and, well Mustangs. "I bought a 1996 GT brand new. I got it when there were still new '95t 5-liters sitting on lots. I didn't know at the time, but speed parts were few and far between for my car and what there was, was expensive. I put Flowmasters on it and an H-pipe, though the H-pipe was like almost double the price of one for a 5-liter. I wanted to put spray on it, so I got an SVO intake to replace the factory plastic one - it cost me like 1,500 bucks."

That car stayed in Chad's life for two and a half years. In his search for more speed, he mistakenly traded the '96 in for an LS-1 Camaro. Though he had some good times with the LS-1 - "got it [to] 11.80s on nitrous at 116-118 mph, all for two grand" - the car came to a bad end. Chad takes a speed fix wherever he can, so there was a personal watercraft in the driveway as well. "I was out at one of the local lakes with the Jet-Ski and the Camaro. The boat ramp was a 20 percent grade." With those fast passes in the Camaro, its clutch had started slipping... you see where this is going, of course. "I let the emergency brake go accidently, the trailer and jet-ski jackknifed and the car turned around and went into the lake nose first. I got the nickname Scuba Steve."

Needless to say, the Camaro was a write-off and Chad's search began again. "I could have bought it back, but my friends said don't even think about it. We started to think about coming back to the Mustang side. I had a company car at the time, so I could build something how I wanted it." A deal was coming together for an '88 Fox GT that Chad was prepared to drop some serious coin into, when a friend called to get Chad's email address.

Now, would you buy a car that was seriously out of state and way beyond what you thought was your price range? Chad Fisher did. but as he confesses, 'Ginger' a.k.a. his 1995 Mustang GT, came to him, not the other way around. "I knew about this car. I'd seen it in a magazine and heard stories about it when I was younger. I never thought it would be worth getting, because of the asking price. When a buddy of mine sent me pictures and I found out the car was for sale, I went to St. Louis and brought my girlfriend." Fisher did mention to Kimberley that all he wanted to do was look at the car. Right.

The owner took them on an impressive test drive, but they weren't able to come to an agreement on price and parted company. A few days later, Chad emailed the owner a final offer - he needed to get going on that car or the '88. "Well, he obviously agreed with the final number and I had to find a way to pick up the car in St. Louis and get it back to my home in Austin, TX." When a holiday weekend came along, Chad and Kimberly flew to St. Louis. "I had planned a long weekend, so we could take the car along some of the famous Route 66. The first night in town, I just had to see what she was truly capable of. Out on the freeway, I stabbed it... 3rd, 4th, 5th and POP!!! The car came to a chugging stop in the middle of nowhere."

Eventually, they managed to get the car back to the storage facility and themselves back to the hotel, which "...was close to AutoZone. So, at 7 am, I was buying a cheap 150 piece tool set, determined to fix it before we left. By late morning, I found the intake and outlet pipes had let loose from the supercharger. The blow off value had blown off." A trip back to the parts store and a little creative thinking got everything back to where it should be, including their scenic plans. "The rest of the weekend. I spent as planned - seeing the sites, taking pictures of the car all over town and up and down some of Route 66."