Jerry Heasley
July 21, 2010

In another part of the shop, David Nieto and John Delarosa were preparing the grilles. The stock ponies must come out as well as the round opening for lights. Hertz cars, like Shelbys of old, have a seamless look to the grille, punctuated only by a running horse emblem on the driver's side. The way the headlights are cut and the front fascia modified (also done in the shop), the new GT-H has the look of a Cobra snakehead. We also walked to the paint shop where we found Dustin Eubank, Baby Face, Steve Conley, Warren Murphy and Stick Williams sanding and painting the new hoods.

Late in the day, we watched a man load nine cars onto a transporter. New GTs come in the Shelby factory and leave completed GT-H models. Cars are destined for the "Hertz Fun Collection" at select airport locations including Phoenix, Arizona; Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco, California; Denver, Colorado; Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach, Florida; Maui and Honolulu, Hawaii, Boston, Massachusetts; and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our seat time was limited to driving the car ten miles back from our photo location north of Las Vegas, and taking the car for a spin one afternoon on the public road around the Speedway. The Mustang GT itself is a fun car to drive. The GT-H adds flair with the striping. Inside, I was intrigued with the Shelby plaque on the dash. You know you are in a special model. The horsepower gain of 25-30 is something you may not feel instantly in the seat of your pants. However, the growl of the exhausts is certainly very much improved over stock and the car is faster and handles better.

2006 Shelby Mustang GT-H

Shelby traditional "Le Mans" dual overbody racing stripes; Rocker panel stripes with special "Shelby GT-H" nomenclature; Hertz Edition emblem on front fenders; Hertz Shelby GT-H badged sill plates; Numbered dash badge with Carroll Shelby's signature inside the cockpit; Custom Shelby Performance hood with pins; Brushed aluminum grille with running horse emblem; Unique front fascia with integrated lower grille; Side scoops

Ford Racing Handling Pack (FR3) installed, including special-tuned dampers inspired from the FR500C, lowering springs and revised sway bars; Mustang GT brakes with painted calipers

Wheels And Tires
OE 17" Bullitt-style rims with 235/55R17 Pirelli tires

2006 Shelby Mustang GT-H
Ford 4.6 liter SOHC V8

Engine Modifications
Ford Racing Performance Group Power Pack (FR1), includes: Ford Racing 90mm Cold Air kit, a new, premium fuel performance calibration, a new X-pipe similar to the one used on the new Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang and a cat-back performance exhaust for a throaty sound

Ford Racing 3.55:1 ratio rear axle assembly

Ford Racing Strut tower brace

325 HP, 310 TQ