Don Roy
July 20, 2010
Photos By: Joe Magro

Check out our photos of this car and note the kinds of things that set judges back on their heels. you can start with some of the 'expected' kinds of bits, like the cervini's 3" cowl hood, the chromed 17" x 9" chromed OE concepts cobra r rims and the lowered suspension, built with Suspension Techniques' springs, plus KYB shocks and struts. Move on to the interior and you'll find a nice compliment of Auto Meter 2- 5/8" gauges and a lovely pair of leather-covered ronin seats. pay a little closer attention and you'll start to notice things that you've never seen before. Much of the interior trim is custom made by Jeff himself. A custom subwoofer enclosure occupies the trunk, but the standard torsion bar springs are nowhere to be found. In their place is a gas strut system that Jeff developed and built for the car. Trick! That sub enclosure, by the way, accommodates a 12" polk-Momo sound pumper, an Audiobahn amplifier and additional kicker components. The signal source is an Alpine 9883 head unit.

Move now to the front and under the hood you'll find surfaces that would put your kitchen table to shame. custom fabricated stainless steel panels 'reflect' the many other upgrades, including MSD Ignition components, Taylor ignition wires, a MAc strut tower brace, pro-Form radiator fans, as well as chromed engine plumbing from MAc. By this point in their tour, the judges are scribbling! On a second viewing of the back end, they may note the yellow Top Optima battery in its container and, hopefully, that the gas tank shield under the bumper has been painted in the same ppG base/clearcoat Bright calypso Green as the rest of the car, courtesy of Glenn's performance.

As can be the case with anything that some might think borders on obsession, it can be necessary to take a break from time to time. when his wife went back to school, Jeff sold the car to a local car collector. The understanding was that Jeff would store the car for the winter and the buyer would pick it up in the Spring. Five months later, sanity returned to the Langdon household and Jeff bought the car back. It was a fortunate deal that saw everyone remaining friends after all was done.

Ask Jeff why he takes things to such extremes and he'll confide that he had a 'secret' dream to have the car featured in a magazine. well, that dream has been more than achieved. he'll also explain that his experience showed that bolt-on components can only take you so far in the show judging process. Many additional points are available to those who exhibit ingenuity, personal effort and creative interpretation. As a result, BOTTlFED has brought home numerous awards, including Best Engine, Best Daily Driver (at the time), NMrA Top 25 Mustangs, NMrA Top 5 Mustangs and FFW Editor's choice, just to name a few.

The things that delight Jeff have increased with the addition of his two children. while he always loves the time he has with them, much time still gets devoted to the car (kids have to sleep sometime!). In preparation for this year's show season, he has added the billet nitrous bottle bracket, polished intake manifold and valve covers, 255/40r17 BF Goodrich KDW front tires, 275/40r17 Mickey Thompson drag radials and upgraded the rear axle gears from 3.55's to 4.10 ratio cogs. In addition to the custom sub enclosure that we already mentioned, Jeff also built the rear seat delete using matching upholstery and stitching. Surely, such attention to detail can only represent a caring dedication both to his car and to those that helped him achieve his goals. Among those Jeff also mentioned for their were support were Bob Evans (no relation to the sausage Evans), Glenn Terlizzi, Tim roi and Jeff's Dad, Glen, for his moral support and ready guidance.

For many Mustang enthusiasts, the process of building a car is really more about the journey than the destination. For Jeff langdon, the new ways to trick out this pony are coming more slowly. The destination, however, is a grand one. Is there something new in the future for this car that is, arguably, the prettiest Fox Mustang on the continent? could we see this pony in a future Barrett-Jackson collector car Auction? There is no doubt that it would rival any other participant. So what is the likelihood? we asked Jeff and you know what he told us? "Not a chance!"

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