Eric English
January 1, 2005

Rebuilt underpinnings include big-block GTE-spec springs and swaybar, lending a firmer stance through the corners than the original soft sprung luxury suspension. Classic American Racing Torq-Thrusts measure 15x7inches, and cover the stock power front disc/rear drum arrangement considered top of the line when this car was built nearly 40 years ago.

The powertrain in Susan's Cougar is not unlike thousands of other Mercurys built in the heart of the '60s. Sure, a 230-horse 302-4V engine, C4 Select-Shift automatic, and 3.00:1 geared 8-inch rear won't stir the hearts of the horsepower faithful, but it was plenty for those who originally checked off the order sheet, and it fills the bill for Susan just perfectly.

Consider the smooth-as-silk idle, low-maintenance V-8 power, and terrific drivability of this far-from-the-ordinary luxury ponycar. It makes us think twice about the need for speed, where expensive buy-ins, costly parts, and plenty of maintenance are often part of the picture. clearly, cars like Susan's are underrated by many enthusiasts, yet you'll hear no apologies from Susan for the period look, pure '60s technology, and lack of huge horsepower. Fair enough. No apologies necessary.

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